Friday, January 29, 2016


The last two months there was no snow! Christmas Day was about 70 degrees! Saturday the snow we were supposed to have this hole winter came all at once! Hahahha! It was pretty crazy!
We had the opportunity to go on two exchanges this past week. One with The Sparta Elders, Elder Adolf and Elder Gacad at the beginning of the week. It Went great! Elder Adolf is a great missionary and has endured a lot on his mission. He pretty much has chronic head aces but always has the best attitude about everything! I learned so much from him! Great example to me. 
Wednesday we had a World wide Missionary Broad Cast which was AMAZING! Some Apostles and members of the 70 spoke to us! Elder Anderson, Elder Bednar, and Elder Oaks spoke! The main Topic was on Teaching Repentance and Baptism. My Favorite was Elder Badnar's training with a bunch of missionaries from the Salt Lake City mission. He gave counsel on how "the Holy Ghost is the teacher... With the presence of the Holy Ghost in our teaching and lessons we can be the conduit to change. 
Be the Vessel.. The Instrument! of Change by feeling and using the Holy Ghost.
We cannot drive the Holy Ghost into the hearts of these people. We can deliver it unto them... in such a way that we help them to discover the source of these new feelings for themselves. This must be a personal discovery!" Such an awesome broadcast!

Friday night we went on Exchange with the Office Elders that actually lived with us for a short time! Friday night we met up and swapped companions. I was with Elder Parsons in their area. We really got know each other really well... When we got back from our appointment around 9 went it started snowing... Really hard, and didn't stop all night! We woke up the next morning to the blizzard and a text from President Taggart saying we couldn't go out that day... Hahaha so we couldn't exchange back! Stuck in the apartment all day! Sunday morning we helped Elder Ricks (senior missionary) and everyone else in the their apartment complex dig their cars out of the snow! Luckily Elder and Sister Ricks live in the same complex as the Office Elders so they had us over for Breakfast:) we still weren't allowed to drive so Elder Rick helped us Exchange Back yesterday and Elder Woodward and Elder Larsen had spent the whole day Helping people dig their cars out as well! Haha so it was a great day of service! Everyone knows who we are now because the lady across the hall who we helped get her car out introduced everyone we helped in the parking lot as her "Angels" Hahahah. 

 Well even though we have obstacle in our lives we must overcome them by sharing the gospel! The gospel must go forth to the whole earth wether it's with or without us as individuals.. I know that to be true! 

Love you all! Thank you for your love and Prayers! Be a light in someone's life this week! I know I'll try to be!😉

-Elder Fotu


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