Tuesday, December 8, 2015

It's begging to not really look like Christmas...

This past week the sun has been out and temperatures have been in the
50's! Its weird when people say Merry Christmas around here because It
doesn't even feel like Thanksgiving has come and gone! I kinda want it
to snow..
On the bright side the work is great!
Our zone was struggling in the past weeks to find new investigators so
on Tuesday at Zone meeting we focused on finding new investigators and
putting them on baptismal date, set some goals and got the zone pumped
for the holiday season because it's one of the best times to share the
Friday to Saturday we went on exchanges with the assistants. It was
weird to go back Elizabeth! But it was a great exchange. I went with
good old Elder Garfield! Learned a lot from him.
This next week should be pretty Exciting! Elder David F. Evens,
Executive Director of the mission department is visiting Thursday and
Friday! So it should be great to receive training from him. Also our
Christmas musical fireside is on Sunday. Oh yeah and it's my
birthday.. Hahaha moms first words in her letter! Super weird! I still
feel like I'm 16... Time flies!

It's not much but this next weeks letter should be longer and better;)
But thanks for all your prayers and support!
Love you all!

-Elder Fotu

Thursday, December 3, 2015

To Blessed to be Stressed

This week was greater than great! We bee staying super busy!
The weather wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be! Doesn't
look to good back in Utah.
I hope everyone had a great thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving was AWESOME here! We had a Turkey Bowel with 2 other
zones. So fun! Elder Woodward and I bought matching camo tights! We
looked pretty red neck😝
We had dinner with some Members in our Ward, the Bayles's! Elder wood
Ward is best friends with their nephew back in St. George so that was
fun for them! Sister Bayles Made us some BOMB food!
Friday was MLC we talked a lot about helping missionaries know how to
extend commitments.. I we have a hard time doing that..
Saturday the Office Elders (Elder Black and Elder Larsen) moved into
our tiny one room apartment.. Hahaha they had to give their apartment
up to the new office senior couple for a couple weeks until they can
find a new apartment.. We're pretty crammed in here!
Yesterday we had a sweet experience! We met with a in active guy named
Andrew (who hasn't been to church since he was baptized as a kid) and
his fiancé Chelsea and their Friend Renee. Our Ward mission leader
from Morristown, Brother Thueson came to help us teach. We found out
that the reason that they all wanted to meet with us was because Renee
saw a bunch of missionaries at Costco and they all looked super happy
and they were buying a ton of eggs! So she referred herself on
Mormon.org. And she told her Friends (Andrew and Chelsea) that she was
meeting with the Mormons. Then Andrew was like hey I'm a Mormon! I'll
meet them with you! Elder Woodward asked her what Costco she saw the
missionaries at and she said the one in Clinton. Lo and behold that
was Elder Woodward and his companion in his last area shopping at
Costco!! Super funny! Elder Woodward was cracking up! We taught the
Plan of Salvation and Andrews sister Ashley walks in and sits down
says she just wants to listen to the lesson..  We had a great lesson!
At the End of the lesson we find out that Ashley was Baptism when she
was like 10 as well! We were pumped! Brother Thueson was super excited
to work with them more and get them baptism and back to church!
Pray for them Please:)

Well that's about it for this week...
Thank you for all the prayers and support!
Until next week. Love you all!

-Elder Fotu

It's cold

Well I wish I could say its winter here but it's just really cold...
Last year the first snow was on thanksgiving so we'll see if we can do
just a little better and make it to December BEFOR it snows!
This past week was a memorable one. Wednesday we went to the Temple!
It was awesome! The Temple is always the highlight of the holiday
season:) I gain more strength and learn more every time I go! The only
thing I can't wait to go home for is to go to the temple as much as I
can! I took it for granted way to much back home. But it was the most
smooth trip to Manhattan that I've ever had! We took the train right
in, did our session and took the train right back! Usually someone
gets lost along the way or someone doesn't bring enough money to take
the subway back, or someone gets off at the wrong stop but our zone
was great! Super organized and fast. Little to no stress for us!
Interviews with President Taggart on Wednesday went good. I love
talking with him one-on-one and being able to be motivated and
uplifted by him.
Week was packed!
Yesterday was interesting.. So we cover two wards, the Cedar Lakes
Ward (they meet at the Morris town chapel) and the Ledgewood Ward. So
for church we go on splits with the other Elders from each Ward. So I
went to Cedar Lakes with The Morristown Office Elders and it was cool!
Some sweet members in Morristown!
Then we ate dinner at the Ledgewood Bishop's house last night, Bishop
Wagstaff. Great guy, great Family!

This next week is going to be another Great one! Hopefully I don't get
too fat on Thursday!

Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone!

Love you!

-Elder Fotu