Thursday, December 3, 2015

It's cold

Well I wish I could say its winter here but it's just really cold...
Last year the first snow was on thanksgiving so we'll see if we can do
just a little better and make it to December BEFOR it snows!
This past week was a memorable one. Wednesday we went to the Temple!
It was awesome! The Temple is always the highlight of the holiday
season:) I gain more strength and learn more every time I go! The only
thing I can't wait to go home for is to go to the temple as much as I
can! I took it for granted way to much back home. But it was the most
smooth trip to Manhattan that I've ever had! We took the train right
in, did our session and took the train right back! Usually someone
gets lost along the way or someone doesn't bring enough money to take
the subway back, or someone gets off at the wrong stop but our zone
was great! Super organized and fast. Little to no stress for us!
Interviews with President Taggart on Wednesday went good. I love
talking with him one-on-one and being able to be motivated and
uplifted by him.
Week was packed!
Yesterday was interesting.. So we cover two wards, the Cedar Lakes
Ward (they meet at the Morris town chapel) and the Ledgewood Ward. So
for church we go on splits with the other Elders from each Ward. So I
went to Cedar Lakes with The Morristown Office Elders and it was cool!
Some sweet members in Morristown!
Then we ate dinner at the Ledgewood Bishop's house last night, Bishop
Wagstaff. Great guy, great Family!

This next week is going to be another Great one! Hopefully I don't get
too fat on Thursday!

Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone!

Love you!

-Elder Fotu

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