Monday, July 27, 2015

Hey Y'all

Not too much this week.
Cool experience though! Yesterday we taught these two great Haitian
women who are AMAZING! Martine who we met like 2 weeks ago finally met
with us and we had a sister in our ward come with us to translate. We
started teaching her and her mother Marie talked up the steps and said
she wanted to stay and talk with us (she also only speaks creole). But
we taught them the plan of salvation and it went GREAT! The spirit was
so strong and they were so excited!

We have really been focusing on find new people to teach. So we've
been having some pretty sweet experiences. Very blessed.

Sorry this is super short... But I love you all! God is Good!

-Elder Fotu

Monday, July 20, 2015


Good morning! Sorry for not emailing last week.. It's been pretty
crazy around here!
Last Monday was our all mission summer activity! It lasted pretty much
all day so I didn't have to time to email. It was super fun though! We
just played sports with the whole mission and then went to the
Morristown chapel and ate and every zone performed a skit! Some of
them were super funny! In one of the skits they were impersonating
President Taggart, and a Elder straight from Samoa (Elder Lailua) had
a part in the skit and all he was supposed to say was "this is the
best mission president ever" and he gets up there and says "guys dis
da good mission president eva!" In the worst Samoan (FOB) accent!
Hahahahahaha😂 all the rest of us Polynesians in the mission were
sitting together and we're just crying!!!

The rest of the week was pretty packed with all the other stuff that
we do. We had stake correlation meeting yesterday that went pretty
well. Our stake leaders are very inspired!

A cool miracle that we had was last week at church my comp Elder Pluim
gave a talk in church and as he was speaking this guy with dreadlocks
and wearing sweats and ant-shirt walks in and sits in the row behind
me. Then after Elder Pluim was done speaking and went to sit down this
guy who walked in behind me starts waving at Elder Pluim to come sit
by him! So Elder Pluim walks off the stand and sits with this guy who
we find out was a referral who we tried to contact like two weeks ago
but we met his brother at the door who said he wasn't home. His name
is Kevin and he told us he met with the missionaries like 5 years ago
and that he wanted us to meet with him and his friend! So we were like
sweet! So we met with them that next Monday and his friends name was
Kevin as well haha so we are teaching Kevin Jones (the old referral
that came to church) and Kevin Braswell his friend who he told us was
kinda of falling away from believing in God until we start meeting
with them! He was blown away when we taught him the plan of salvation!
The spirit gets very strong in these lessons! Sadly he is kinda
avoiding us lately.. Kevin Jones said one of there other friends has
been telling him false stuff about us.. But we still have his number
and I know that we can get him back because that spirit was so strong
in our lesson with him, I know he felt it and will recognize it again
when we get the chance to see him again! Just pray for him please!
Kevin Jones though prayed about the Book of Mormon and received an
answer! Witch is great!! Pray for him to keep the Faith! They are
great men who we are going to baptize!

We got to go to the Temple with Naudia (our recent convert) on
Saturday!! It was awesome! She really wanted us to baptize her for her
grandma but they don't let missionaries do proxy baptisms. But we got
to confirm her for her grandma witch was a great experience! Elder
Pluim and I got to do a lot of the confirmations because it was also
our wards youth temple trip witch was awesome! Also while We were in
the confirmation room the door opened and a bunch of the youth from
East Orange walked in along with President Hinds!! It was so great to
see them again, especially in the Temple!!! It was a blessing to go!
We got to travel to the Temple in New York by car with one of the
members, so it was sweet to actually see a lot of the city instead of
taking the train when we go with other missionaries so you don't get
to seen much. I'll send some pics.

Yesterday I gave a talk in sacrament meeting. It went pretty well. I
spoke on Faith, at first it was kinda hard to prepare. I thought to
myself "Faith is such a broad subject how am I supposed to give a good
talk?" But as I studied and prayed about it I found that it's not as
broad as I thought. We obtain our faith in Jesus Christ through his
Atonement and filling our lives with spiritually uplifting things, we
show our Faith by keeping Gods Commandments and sharing she gospel
with others. It might be a little more complex than that but that's
what I got out of preparing and share my thoughts in this talk. Haha I
actually tried to crack a joke at the beginning of the talk but like 5
people laughed... Hahahha I think it's because there's a lot of
foreign people in our word so they didn't really get it..😋 BUT my
talk was good enough to make up for my bad joke! (I'll send a copy of
my talk as well)

Thanks for all of your examples and prayers! I truly do benefit from
the blessings that your prayers bring, as well as the New Jersey
Morristown Mission!

Love You All!

-Elder Fotu

Saturday, July 18, 2015


Had a great 4th of July!
Over all it was a good week! We had Zone meeting witch was awesome! We
talked a lot about developing Christlike attributes, especially we
talked about diligence and obedience.. We went on exchange with the
elders from Scotch Plains. I stayed in Irvington with Mcarther he's
from Kerns Utah and is a Boss of a Missionary! I always love it when
younger missionaries that are serving in nice more wealthy areas get
to come on exchange and experience the Hood Life:)

The 4th we met with our recent convert Naudia at her house. Her family
that disowned her let her come back and live with them! And her sister
Amanda (who was against her Naudia being Mormon) decided to sit in on
our lesson and she really liked! It's crazy how people's
misconceptions of the church go away after they meet with the
missionaries! But she was excited and she's meeting with us tonight!
We wanted to watch fireworks and we had permission from President
Taggart to stay out a little later but our area gets a little sketchy
at night especially on the 4th of July so we decide to just watch them
on top of our apartments parking garage. It was nice.
Yesterday was of course fast and testimonies meeting and I had some
pretty interesting meetings in East Orange but this ward has been the
even more interesting! Hahaha a sister started preaching like a
baptist and for like 20min and started singing some song and all the
converts in the church with other religious background started singing
with her! Hahaha funniest thing to see all the people that have moved
her from Utah looking around like "is this real life?" Hahaha! Then to
add to that we went to a Haitian church that our Friend Nancy invited
us and a Haitian Brother of our ward too. But it was Crazy! They just
sang and danced and banged on some drums for like 30min straight then
their pastor asked the brother with us to say a couple words and all I
could understand him saying was Joseph Smith, Authority, John the
Baptist, and priesthood. Hahah and everyone in the small room just
started glaring at us. Hahahah we didn't stay for that long.

Well it a new fresh transfer so I'm excited to see new and great
things happen, in our area and zone! Please pray for us!

I'm happy to have the privilege to share my experiences with you all!
Thank you for all your prayers and emails!

God Bless America!

Love You All!

-Elder Fotu


Well once again we had a super crazy week!
Wednesday we went to the Temple!! Best place in the world!! Elder
Pluim and I had to make the traveling arrangements and get our whole
zone to and from the temple. We were kinda stressin out We all made it
through Downtown Manhattan and had a great experience at the temple:)
On the way back while riding the train a couple of Elders in our zone
got off at the wrong stop so we had to wait  an extra hour to give
them a ride from the Newark station to the chapel. But all was well we
had a great time!

Friday was Mission Leader council! We met with President and Sister
Taggart and the rest of the zone leaders and sister training leaders
in the mission. It was exciting and refreshing to be re-motivated on
what we need to do to succeed in the mission. We are really
emphasizing on working with the members to help with the work.
President has come out with "4 things I will do from now on!" I'll
attach the 4 things to this email but the thing that we really
focusing on is following up. The was a zone that really pushed this in
their district and they had 12 baptized this past month! So it sure
does work!

Our friends that we're teaching are still doing pretty good! Eric
didn't come to church on Sunday because he got invited by one of his
friends to go to a baptist church. But he said he was mad he didn't
come because this baptist church said some stuff in their sermon that
offended him. So we hope that makes him want to come next week.

Our Friend Samad is coming a long slowly.. We talked to his mom about
baptism and she said no because she wants him to be baptist... But she
still wants us to teach him witch doesn't make sense... But I love the
kid! He wants so much to know more about God it blows my mind!

Sorry it's short... But I'm thankful for all of you and your prayers
and emails! No other place could I feel Gods love more than where I
am! I love this work!

Love you all!!

-Elder Fotu