Saturday, August 15, 2015


Well this week was a good one! The weather started out super hot and
we were dying! Luckily it got a lot cooler during the weekend. Elder
Pluim and I have been working extra hard to prep him to go home this
next week! He is on a departing trip right now to the Statue of
Liberty while I'm in Elizabeth with Elder York my district leader!

Our week started out kinda funny and slow but like always in Irvington
as the weekends comes it gets better! We have been meeting with a guy
named Moses. I talked about him in some of my last emails. He's from
Ghana! He's a boss! He's really progressing! We started teaching his
Brother Isaac! Who's really cool! It's kinda funny because we're
teaching those two brothers and also another set of brothers: Isaiha
and Jeff! Who are really cool kids!

I was also able to have an interview with president on Tuesday. It was
really good! He always asks me what I'm learning and in past
interviews I could never really think of stuff to tell him but this
past interview I told him about my experience with a senior couple
that used to teach institute in our ward: the Strouds who we were
really close to! And I had been learning a lot from them but I told
him that I was able to gain a better understanding of personal
revelation and why it's so important!
He also asked me how my family is doing and I talked to him about how
many great blessings my family has received from me being here and I
am sooooo grateful and so indebted to Heavenly Father for so much!
I am truly loving this work and the people here in Jersey!

Thanks for all your prayers and love!

Love you!

-Elder Fotu

Monday, August 3, 2015

More 1 of 9 God Is Good

This week was great! And Very busy!
Been blessed with busyness! The work is definitely moving forward!

We had zone conference witch was great! The Taggarts are such great
leaders! President has been really pushing our mission towards the
topic choice and accountability.
In Mission Leader council President gave a training on Elder
Christofferson's talk: Free Forever, to Act for Themselves. He shared
some very inspired thoughts about our choices as missionaries and how
we truly receive Joy from Heavenly Father.

We carry the information we receive at MLC to rest of our zone at zone
meeting and give different trainings on the information. I chose to
give a training on choice and accountability. Zone meeting is tomorrow
and I've been able to really study this topic and prep for my
training. Super excited.

We were able to meet with a guy named Moses this past week! He's from
Ghana! (Shout out to Elder Hannemann) Really cool guy! One of the best
feelings is when you know the spirit speaks to someone and they understand
the message you share! That's Moses! He is super Humble and we're
excited to continue to meet with him!

A lot of our work lately has been with less-actives. I've come to know
that a baptism is just as important as someone returning to the
church! We had a sweet experience with a sister who hadn't been to
church in about 5 Years! About a month ago we were walking and she
pulled up to us in her car and told us to go to her address then drove
off. So we met with her at her house briefly and she said she used to
be really active but she started going to school and working a lot. So
this past week we found out that our Bishop (Bishop Klusey) he's from
Ghana (Straight Boss) and he Baptized her about 13 or so years ago!
And so we brought him with us to teach her. She was super excited to
see him! By the end of the lesson she said she was going to get
Sunday's off at the new job she's getting and she was really excited
to come back to church!

Elder Pluim (mi compaƱero) is getting ready to head home! 2 weeks! He
wants me to let all my single lady Friends know that;) Hahahah He
keeps reminding of how fast 2 years goes and that I can't waist any
time at all!

My letters have been kinda sorry lately but I'm sure next week will be
the best one yet!
Respect to all of you! I wouldn't be able to have my try at this work
if weren't for all y'all! And that's why I love you and I love the

-Elder Fotu

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