Tuesday, January 5, 2016

New Year

Well I hope everyone had a great Christmas! I did until my companion
got sick.. I think it was the place we ate at on Christmas Eve.. But
right after we were done talking to our families Elder Woodward looked
at me and was like "Elder Fotu we gotta go back to the apartment like
right now!" Hahah so that was that for our Christmas night.. But I did
read a lot while he was resting. I sat down and just read and read in
the Book of Mormon. I haven't been able to do that in a long time so
it was very refreshing!
Saturday morning Elder Woodward still was pretty sick and we found out
one of the other Elders in our Ward was super sick too so we stuck the
two Flu bugs in our apartment and I went out and worked with Elder
Wildman! It was Great! They had nothing going on that day in their
area so we just went and knocked doors for a while and found some
really cool people in their area!
Yesterday after church Elder Woodward drank some Peptobismo and
decided to tuff it out for the rest of the night!
We're working with this guy named Domonic! He has been keeping all the
commitments we leave him but he's been smoking a pack a day since he
was like 14!! We've been really working hard to help him quit! He
needs a lot of prayer! Please pray for him!

Thank you for all the Christmas Wishes! Thoughts, prayers and Love to
all of you!

-Elder Fotu

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