Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Busy Busy!

It's been hectic week! Christmas party's, General Authority Christmas
Fireside and some sweet lessons! Sadly I don't have to much time to
talk about all of it because it's transfers!! Good news is Elder
Woodward and I are staying here in Ledgewood! Super pumped about
that!! We are Excited about this next 7 week Transfer!
We started teaching this Kid named Osama! He's a Muslim guy from
Egypt! Super cool kid, he 15 but he looks like he's 20! He's got a
full blown beard!! Super awesome!
Renee is still doing great! We found out the reason she haven't been
coming to church is because she's got a little bit of social anxiety..
So please pray for her so that she can over come that!
Elder Evens was Awesome! He shared a lot of great insights and really
helped me personally! Is was like a live action general conference! A
lot of great questions and answers given. Talked mainly about
Obedience, Desire and Repentance. Before he came he had the hole
mission read Alma 17-42 to prep for what he talked about. He compared
a lot of what Alma and the sons of Mosiah did to our missionary work
today. How their Obedience, Desire and Repentance helped them reap so
much success! Great Meeting. Great Man!
Our Ward Christmas party was on my birthday Saturday. Great fun!
We had a musical fireside as a mission yesterday. Great spiritual
experience! Great feeling the Christmas spirit singing carols because
it hasn't felt like Christmas because it's been sunny and 65 out here!
But there was a grateful spirit for Christ there.

Love you!

-Elder Fotu

Elder Wildman & I:

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