Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Good stuff!

This past week was good one! We met some really cool people to tech! 
One lady her name was Venessa she has two kids is Catholic but like the idea of a Prophet instead of a Pope! She is very open to the gospel! We are very excited for her! 
Friday was MLC and we talked about the culture of our missions and how we did last year. President  Taggart came out with our theme this year! It's "BECOME GOD'S INSTRUMENT". Become is a powerful word in my opinion! I always think of the Atonement of Jesus Christ and how we can Become Better through this Atonement. 
Someone who is becoming better is our Buddy Domonico Camittiello! He cut down from a full pack, to a half a pack of cigarettes a day!! He's coming along and cracks us all up! He left church 3rd hour and we were wondering where he went! So later in the day yesterday at a members house for Family Home Evening, he showed up and we asked him where he went for 3rd hour and all he said in his thick Italian accent was " the Jets Lost.." Hahahah! We told him if he would have stayed in church instead of going to watch the game they would have won!
Our other investigator Renee is doing good. She is still trying to get work off so she can come to church.. But she met Sister Taggart and really liked her!We're trying to get some single adults to hook up with her so she can build up the faith to come to church! 
All your prayers have definitely helped him! Please keep praying for him as well as Venessa and Renee! 

Love you all! Thank you for all your prayers!

-Elder Fotu

Domonico Champitiello (Italian Pirate)

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