Monday, February 1, 2016

Jesus Wants Me For a Sunbeam!

Very good and very busy week this week!
Highlight of the week was that Renee came to church! She had work on
Sunday's but in our lesson last Wednesday she really was touched by
the spirit as we talked about the Gospel of Jesus Christ so we
committed her to talk to her Boss to get work off and she was kinda
scared because I guess her boss is pretty but we told her to pray
about it and she was able to talk to her and and get 1 Sunday a month
off! Not as much as we wanted but she was happy and really liked
church! So we're praying that she will continue try and get more work
off so that she can come more often! She has such great faith though!
Super excited for her!
Friday was another highlight! We had Zone Conference, Elder Woodward
and I gave a training on our purpose. Went pretty well! The conference
ended with a training from the First Councilor From our Mission
Presidency, President Bean! He works for the church as the CES
Director for seminary and institutes in New Jersey and he teaches at
Princeton. He gave an Unbelievably Spiritual training on Obedience!
It snowed for the first time this week as well! Not very much but it
made it 10 times colder so the work is 20 times Better! :)

Thanks for All the love and prayers! Oh and Shout out to Jake and Sara
for getting Hitched on Friday! Congrats Brotha!!! Love you Guys!

-Elder Fotu

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