Wednesday, February 17, 2016


This week was Bumpin! But soooooooo cold... I think the Lord is trying
to teach me something because I've been in a walking area every time
it gets cold! It was -15 with wind chill on Saturday! Just makes the
work 10 times Better!
Anyways. On Saturday we had a all mission conference and Clayton
Christensen the author of "Power of Everyday Missionary" super great
book I guess but I haven't read it yet... But he's a super great Man!
He and his wife gave Amazing talks about Member missionary work and
all the Ward and branch council members came to the conference so we
are going to bust it with member missionary work cuz that's the best
way to do it!
The biggest thing that He told us in that conference that stuck out to
me was that Never Ended his Mission. That was one of the many things
contributed to his great missionary work as a member! But if you
haven't read the book read it cuz it will change your life! (I'll read
it as soon as I get home)
Yesterday church was Amazing! One of our members started to act right
away for what he learned at the conference and brought a friend of his
to church, he brought a guy named Dr. Slalom and he loved church! Also
the Other East Orange Elders invited this guy that they met on the
street named Gerald and he caught a bus and walked super far to get to
church in the freezing cold! This guys first time coming to church and
he's not even a member! He ended up living in our area so we are
teaching him great guy!
Elder Manumā is such a stud! It's kinda funny because he reminds me of
Lennon! Hahaha I'm like man I get to train my little brother!

Well things are Gold as always around here! Just Pray that I don't Freeze!

Ofa Lahi Atu!

-Elder Fotu

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