Tuesday, March 15, 2016


Had such a wonderful week! Just to start out Elder Seth Hannemann who
is Serving in Ghana emailed me this morning and he said this: " one of
our members came up to me and asks if I know a place called New Jersey
and i said Yes! my best friend is even serving there. and she gave a
me a powerful referral to give to your mission. its her mother thats
living in Jersey! . Her name is Faustina , She lives  her phone number
is. she has already talked to her mom about the church and she is
interested and is waiting for the missionaries. CONTACT THIS WOMAN!
hope you have missionaries serving there. love you man! sweet is the
work. let me know how it goes so i can tell our member."
Referral lives in our Area! How crazy is that!? Well I'm pumped to
contact his lady today and see how it goes! Still trippin out about it
though! Super Awesome!!!!!😊
So we are working with a couple Part-member Families right now. One of
them (my favorite) is the Ancog-Lisondra's they are a older Filipino
couple with 3 kids who aren't members! The one who is really
interested is Mark their son! He's a super cool little funny Filipino
who is always asking great questions!

Another Family we are working on is a young couple. Hermann and Aida,
they are from Togo Africa! Aida isn't a member but is very interested
in Eternal Families! They French is their first language so sometimes
it kinda hard to teach them but they are so great and Hermann has such
a strong testimony!

Also our 1st councilor in the Branch presidency's wife Sister Martinez
(non member) has been meeting with us. She loves the missionaries but
always says she is just to involved in her church to join ours. We are
just trying to help her see the bigger picture of the gospel.

I hope EVERYONE continues to looks for opportunities to share the
gospel because I know it will Bless your life and the life of others!

Love you all!

-Elder Fotu

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