Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Well again this past week just flew by!! Which is unusual because not to much went on.. Tuesday Morning we had district meeting! We got to view the new Easter initiative that the Church has released, a great video about Jesus Christ helives.mormon.org. Watch it if you haven't already! 

We had a discussion about the book of mormon and I kinda stole some of Elder Kanenwisher's ideas for the meeting;) (Thanks Beau) We talked about how important the Book of Mormon is, and some great Testimonies of it were shared! 

Wednesday to thursday we had an exchange with the some elders in our district! Elder Rodriguez and I were in our area. We taught our friend Garrett! Hes progressing slowly but surely. He came to church on sunday after telling us he was going to come the past 2 weeks and not showing up! So we were super pumped about that! Unlike our other Homie Sadrac who cant stop talking, Garrett is a shy Guy so he didnt really say much during the meetings. Fast and Testimony Meeting was Awesome! I love it when our Investigators are there to here Members Bare their Testimonies about the Gospel! After sacrament meeting i asked Garrett how he felt about the meeting and he said "Im Kinda Hungry...Y'all Got Food After?" Haha I took that as he hadn't been Spiritually fed yet so i pushed him into Gospel Principles class! We then Had a Combined Priesthood & Relief Society Meeting for third hour and a Brother from the Short hills ward who comes every sunday to help out with he young men Named: Chester Elton, gave the lesson. Dad will Probably recognize his name because hes #11 on the list of 30 top Leadership Gurus from 2014. Brother Elton Gave a Lesson on: How living the Gospel can help us succeed. it was a Great lesson that i could feel really motivated our Branch to continue to work hard to Succeed in the Lords Worl! Really motivated me to work even harder as well. 

Well thats pretty much it for this week! 

Love You All!! Thank You for all that you do!!

-Elder Fotu     

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