Monday, March 16, 2015

Missionary Service Is The Best Service

Another week in Jersey!

Had zone meeting on Tuesday, our new zone leaders are elders Wilcox & Fairbanks! 
Elder Wilcox is an ex-assistant to the President and he was the one who interviewed me when i came into the mission! So we're Homies:) 
We talked about Getting back to the basics and always having the end in mind. we also did a workshop on keeping the area book (which im horrible at) so i really needed it! Twas a Great Meeting!

Wednesday a Mission-wide Specialized training was held. Elder Stroud (a senior missionary and a deep doctrine maniac) gave a training on Baptism, by water and by fire. It was AMAZING! Ill attache the pdf so you can read it. Truly helped me see where i am at as fare as teaching and being converted!

Thursday we met with one of our new investigators named Garrett! I actually met and taught him awhile ago and we just got back in contact with him! We have met with him everyday now since Thursday! He has a past of drugs and alcohol but he wants to change for the better. Hes been going to a program to help him cope with his past drug life. but other than that he doesn't have much else to do so he loves having us over! The best thing about meeting with him are his prayers though! He is so sincere and after he prays he always says "I feel good". We always remind him that hes feeling the spirit. Its always a touching experience seeing people recognize the spirit for the first time! The only thing that kinda holds him back is that he smokes and he doesnt want to quit.. H says he smokes to "relief stress". So please Pray for him that he will realize how bad it is for him.   

We are still working on Sadrac.. President Taggart invited him to came to Specialized Training. He came but didn't have to much interest in it even though it was all about baptism. But after the meeting President Talked to him and asked him why he didnt get baptized and he said "well i got cold feet.." and president replied " well why did you get cold feet?" and Sadrac being the Really outgoing never gets embarrassed guy he is had nothing to say so he did like a little nervous dance right in front of President Taggart! hahah super funny but i could tell it got rid of his foot situation. President then said "You know what your supposed to do and why your doing it, so just do it!" Bold statement but you could tell it was out of love for Sadrac. Were trying not to push him to much but i told him he only has about three more weeks before the end of the transfer which means i might go and he really wants me to baptism him, so i told him he better hurry up!

Well thats about it for this week.. Thank you all so much for your Prayers and Letters!!

Love You All!!

-Elder Fotu 

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