Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Rise to the Occasion

What up Y'all!? So this past week had its ups and downs.. But im only gonna talk about the ups!

Had a pretty good first District Meeting on Tuesday to start off the week.
Our District name is District OFA (Love in Tongan).
In the meeting started by talking about our studies and had the missionaries share some principles that they had studied and had questions about. Then as a district we discussed and answered their questions.     
I had had Elder Vause (senior missionary in our area) Give an Awesome training on Diligence!
He really brought in the spirit to help me with the training that i gave on Love. Love For our Selves, Others, and God. Then Tied it into our success as missionaries. Talked about how our success is truly measured by how much we Love God.
Yesterday we had an amazing service at church. Elder Laceste gave a great talk on missionary work. Then i got the opportunity to teach Gospel Principles class! I love teaching this class because its got all the recent converts/Investigators in it and there always so exited to learn. The lesson was on The Life Of Jesus Christ. In between talking i would play one of the short Bible videos produced by the church (which i love to watch so i was pumped to teach this lesson). Spiritual and super funny because a lot of the recent converts come from a baptist background and every time they hear something in sacrament they like, they'll say "Amen" Or "Hallelujah"! hahaha and so during the class Sister Boon (Big Black Lady) Every time she would hear Jesus talking she would quote the scripture and then say "MMMHHMM AMEN!" Then to make it even better Sister Funmi who's from Nigeria and used to be Pentecostal started speaking in "Tongues"! hahahaha I could not stop laughing! I looked over at the other missionaries and they were just busting up! I had no idea what to do after that.. So I just bore my testimony to try and end on a spiritual note.
Anyways The Work Continues to Move Forward hear in Jersey! In District Leader Council we talked about Being The Example as leaders. A lot of missionaries even myself Rationalize by saying "I can break this rule because Elder so and so breaks it and hes a District or Zone leader". So Being the Example of Hard Work and Exact Obedience is one of our Leadership focuses this month! (which should be all the time I know..)
Well Thank you all for your Prayers and emails! They really do mean a lot to me!
Love You All!
-Elder Fotu
HOORAH FOR ISREAL!!!!                  

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