Thursday, March 26, 2015


Hi Everyone!! Real quick update on this past week!

Started off the week with another great District meeting!! I had a Brother from our Branch (Brother David Sims) Come and share his conversion story with the District! Its was awesome! Our focus that meeting was on " the Role of the Spirit in Conversion". Elder Laceste and i have been really trying to focus on having the spirit more strong in our lessons. And Ive been really studying the section " How do recognize and understand the spirit" in Preach My Gospel.

Sadrac is still hanging in there! We met with him twice this past week, and one of the 2 times we met at our senior couples house for dinner and he told us he wanted to be baptized in a private setting with not a lot of people there... kinda random haha but then Elder Vause said "well we can fill up the bathtub real wick if you wanna do it now?" hahaha Super funny! But next week is our Unit Conference and the sunday and saturday after that is General Conference so i told him after that theirs a chance a could get transferred so he better hurry up!! 

Garrett was supposed to come to church yesterday but the ride we set up for him said he said he wasnt going to church so.. we havent met with him talk about it yet but other than that and smoking (2 pretty big things) hes progressing good! Reading and Praying.

We are really trying to focus on our Branch mission leader Brother Martinez and his wife! They are our favorite!! We call them Mom and Dad. They have us over every monday night for dinner and FHE! But... Sister Martinez is not a member.. She knows our church is true and loves it but she is really involved in her own church. Shes been taught by the missionaries for a long time but lately we have been focusing on the Temple and Eternal Marriage, and Brother Martinez tells us that she really likes the Idea so we excited for her! 

Well these are pretty much the main people in our teaching pool but we are always working hard on Expanding! I have faith that that your Fast and Prayers truly Help these people and the work. 
Thank you all so much for the support!

Until Next Week! Lots Of Love!!

-Elder Fotu 

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