Monday, April 6, 2015

He Lives

(Deeeeeep Breath) Wow!! Easter Sunday & General Conference!! Where do i start??? 

Well I guess i can start by Testifying that i know that The Lord Jesus Christ Lives today and Forever more!
So many events took place this week that i dont have time to share but have changed and improved my Outlook, Attitude, and Focus of my mission. Its Amazing how Heavenly Father Answers Prayers. 

Saturday I went on Exchange with the Zone Leaders. I was with my Homie Elder Wilcox! He was an Assistant for a long time and this is his Last week before he goes home so i had the opportunity to learn soooooo much from him before he does. Saturday was super busy day in Elizabeth. It was a Spanish Area that Ive been to Before with Elder Wood (Old Zone Leader) so I was super pumped to see people i had met before, again and try my horrible Spanish. Hahaha its so funny because so many people think im from the Dominican Republic so they start speaking spanish to me and i just say "no ablo espaniō" hahah and they say where you from and i say "Tonga", so they just call me Elder Toonga in a Spanish accent the whole time! so funny but if i get transferred i want to get transferred to Spanish so bad! Never would have said that before my mission but the spanish people here are so Humble! and they feed you like crazy;) Best Exchange ive had so far!! 

I cant even explain how great Conference was! My Most Favorite Talk by far was Elder Wilford W. Andersons Along with all the other Missionaries i was so pleased to see him up there because he visited our mission about when i first came into the mission and i could feel the great Spirit he brought with him. His talk about Dancing to the music of the gospel was one of the best Analogies I've heard! I will be Defiantly be listening to that one over and over agian for a long time!

It sounds like everyone really Liked Elder Pearsons talk, so did I! And so did Sadrac! He is so close to giving us a date its not even funny! and i think that General Conference gave him that last push he needs to commit! 

Funny story: Sunday morning we walked into the church a little late and President Monson's talk was just ending and all the Haitions in the branch were crying and i thought someone had died or something! hahaha but it was just that the Haiti Temple was announced. So everyone was so excited about that! Its gonna be an interesting day for our branch when the chapel is almost empty because all the Haitions are in Haiti for the Temple Dedication... hahaha 

One talk that really made gave me an awakening was by Elder Michael T. Ringwood, he talked about People who dont seek after Position, Callings or Power and are steady and faithful in keeping the commandments and enduring to the end and recessive blessing because of there Faithfulness. He starts by talking about how his older Brother was a zone leader and how he was seeking after being a leader in the mission. And i have to admit Ive had my share of thoughts about how Dad, Garrett and Jacob were all Assistants to the President and i have been seeking after that Leadership and trying to impress other missionaries who have leadership to try get a calling. But Elder Ringwood Talks about how his mission President says that God, his President and Elder Ringwood knew his companion was a good missionary, who else needs to know, when he wanted to silence some gossip about his companion. 
It is the Lord who calls us, so its not about impressing others. Its about Pleasing God with our work.

There is so much more I would love to talk about but I just don't have time!
Im so grateful for All the lessons i've learned from serving and can't wait for the knowledge and lessons to come! I truly Love This Work. I Truly Love the Lord.

Happy Birthday to Jake, Selu & Tyler!! I wish i got to go to Disney Land for my Birthday! Mom you spoil that little boy to much!
Shout Out to Alema Tautu For getting his call to New Zealand!!! Love You Bradda! 

I love and am grateful for all of you! You wouldn't be receiving these emails if i didnt! hahah not to disclaim my love for others...But you guys are Awesome!!
Hear Y'all next week!

-Elder Fotu  

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