Monday, April 13, 2015

Crazy Week!

This past week was best and worst week of my mission so far.. Started off pretty chill we were teaching a lot of lessons. We picked up a New Investigator his names Josè! He was a referral from some Elders in Central Newark. We met with him for the first time on wednesday at the church and he was Drunk/high.. He told us he had been a drinker/addict since he was 17. hes 35 now. But as we met with him he told us he would do anything to change. He has 2 kids that he cant be around because of his Drinking & Drug abuse. I felt he was being sincere. Most of the time when we meet with people that have drinking or drug Problems we only see them once and thats it! But we prayed and with him and during the prayer he just started sobbing and he cried out: "please Lord Help me change!" The spirit was super strong! 
Jose has been calling us Everyday now Telling us that hes been sober since and is working again and seeing his Wife and kids everyday now! Such a bittersweet Miracle. Pray for him!

My week went down when on friday i woke up and just felt like i was going to die! I had the worst Cold i ever had in my life! I couldn't even Support myself my head was just throbbing so bad and every time i coughed it felt like someone shot me in the chest! hahah being dramatic but it was bad! But Elder Vause (my fav senior missionary) just so happened to be coming over with our Branch President to pick some stuff up from the storage in our basement. So they and Elder Laceste gave me a blessing, and by the afternoon i felt soooo much better! 

Sunday Rolled around and it was our Branch Conference. Now when i fist come to East Orange there were maybe 25-30 People in sacrament meeting.. Sunday there were over 100 people there!!! The Stake Presidency and High council were blown away! It was Awesome!! We seriously so close to becoming a ward its not even funny!! The Branch has been working together so hard to make it happen!

Then we got a Transfer calls... Im getting Transferred.. So sad right now! East Orange has been such a great experience and I've been here for 7 months! Its going to be so hard to leave. But I know that the Lord is all knowing and if im needed elsewhere then here i come!

I thank you all for your Prayers!! Love you!

-Elder Fotu

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