Friday, February 20, 2015

Winter Is Here!!

Soooo its cold... thats all im gonna say about the weather lately.. smh
Anyways! Yet another Baptism has slipped through our hands this past week.. Sadrac got super busy and had a bunch of family stuff this past week and was not Baptized. But will be soon!
Our branch is super Excited about the growth that is going on here! Its amazing what the Lord has blessed us with here! We met with one of our recently re-activated Members and said they want to prepare to go too the temple and be sealed!! So we are pumped because we get to go with them!! We still need to set a date but it will be soon! 

This week flew by though!! We are coming to the close of the transfer! We had interviews with president and he told me that he wants to keep me in East Orange for even longer!! Im so exited because i want to continue to to see the growth thats here! But we will see what the Lord wants. 

Something really cool that happened though... Don't know if you'll remember but we had an investigator named Ronald awhile back and kinda lost contact with him... he called us on monday and told us he was in the hospital and wanted us to come see him! So we ran to the hospital in Newark! Talked with him, hes really sick so pray for him and we are going to check up on him today. It was great to get back in contact with him. While we were there the guy that was cleaning his room herd that we were talking about Jesus Christ and started Quoting scriptures to us and said he really wanted to meet up with us, so we got his info and met with him the next day. His name is Rrajon and is one of the coolest/funniest dudes i've ever met! Really in tune with what we had to say and is really interested. Told us that he knew he was cleaning that Hospital room when we were in there, for a reason.

I have a testimony that Everything happens for a reason. Even sometimes bad things. I got kinda discouraged when Sadrac didn't get baptized. There are somethings i need to change but im Prepared to do better this week! One thing I love most about the mission is that we have a new week after a bad one to do better! 

Sorry kinda short but dont have much time! Will probably be more easy to email when we get ipads next transfer ;) 

I hope and pray everyone has a GREAT week!! Thank you SO MUCH for your prayers!! 

Love You All!! Talk to ya Next week!! 

-Elder Fotu


Elder Laceste and I freezing our buns off!!

Ate some Philipino Food!! Its called Balot, Its a half developed duck egg!! Yummy:)

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