Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Do You Wanna Build A Snow Maaaannn!?

WHATT UUUPP HOMIES!!! Well to start off its been snowing non-stop this week! So its super cold! But one of the good things about it is that there a lot of old people on our street that need help shoveling snow so it gives us plenty of service opportunities! 

Anyways this week was good and bad... David was not Baptized... I dont really wanna go into it because ill just get more mad/sad about it but his friends and family from the pentecostal church that he grew up in are really trying to pull him the other way. He doesn't really know when or if he wants to get baptized anymore... But we will continue to teach and Love him! He's so prepared but he just doesn't know it yet... Keep him in your prayers! 

The Lord Blesses us but i guess its not always the way we want Him to.

Im not going to go into much detail but We have another Baptism coming up!! His name is Sadrac, he's Haitian and is Amazing! Haha I know im kinda just letting you know out of nowhere but he kinda of just come out of nowhere and now is getting prepared to be baptized! Haha when he first came to church he just soaked all of the information up and this last sunday he showed me that he had downloaded the gospel library app and is just reading so much! He said "This thing is amazing ,it has everything on it!!". Ill tell you more about his story and how he found the church next week. But we are Flippin Pumped! Pray for him!


This is the Crew! Elder Ragma (far left) is from the Philippines and he is Training Elder Allred (middle left) hes from Syracuse UT and they are the other East Orange Elders so we are always with them! Then theres My Companion Elder Laceste also from the Philippines. The  Philipinoes made us some chicken and rice for lunch the other day, they call it Adobo... Its really good though! 

Elder Laceste is good at Chess (like all Philipinoes) and always wants me to play him but im horrible at chess so we just play checkers hahah. But we were playing the other night before we went to bed and ive gotten pretty good at it but ive realized that the key to the game is knowing what your going to do 2 or three steps ahead. Its a really simple game but it made me think about how in the mission and in life we should always have a plan! If we play just taking random moves were going to lose. But the great thing about the game is that if we mess up and lose we can always play another game and have a fresh new start to learn from our mistakes and do better in the next game.

I hope that we can all plan ahead to make the best of our time and Decisions in Life and missions! 

Sorry if this letter is a little crazy and random but know that I Love and miss you all! until next week! 

-Elder Fotu        

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