Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Sooo this week went by fast but was kinda slow...
Some how we were still able to pull of 20 lessons though! 
Like they say days turn into weeks and weeks turn into days on
a mission! I cant believe ive already been out 5 months!! Its cray cray!!
Haha yet im still in the same area! Ha but if i could i would stay here in East Orange
 another 6 months! I love it Herr In Da Hood! 

Anyways... We are still meeting with Sadrac and
 getting ready for his Baptism Next Sunday!!
We're so flippin excited for him and to make it
 better he is even more excited than us! 
He is burning  through the Book of Mormon, and is super into the
 Gospel Library app he is getting way ahead of what we are teaching
him! He said he reads in the Gospel Library more than he reads his 
business books! He came to me on sunday and showed 
me that he found all of our teaching pamphlets on
the app and says: "See I Dont Need You Fotu!" 
Haha at first he was kinda thinking that he wouldn't be ready
for next week but now he's getting to confident and soon im 
gonna have to knock him out! hahah jk but we are meeting 
with him on wednesday and he's always wanting to meet at 
Restaurants so he can buy us food! so not really helping with 
my belt problem! hahah but last time we 
met with him he said "Guys before we start i want to ask 
Elder Ragma something (we teach him together with the other
 East Orange Elders)." he asked "did you have a girlfriend back home?" 
Elder Ragma said "yes" and he goes "so you just left her?" hahah we
 all laughed and Elder Ragma said "yep!". He then said " I dont know 
if i could do that man! Thats Cruel!" hahaha He always tells us he has a 
lot of respect for us as missionaries because we leave everything for 
the Lords Work. He compared us to other religions and he said that what he likes
most about our church is that we are so dedicated to service all over the world! 
I am beyond Happy for this man and cant wait for him to receive so many blessings 
from entering into the Kingdom of God on the earth today!! 

Ha ill end on a funny story that i forgot to tell last week! So Elder Allred the Nub that Elder Regma is training Was backing out of our Branch mission leaders drivway on like his first day in the mission and in front of the car was a fence and behind the fence our branch mission leader Bro. Martinez was standing there waving to us and Elder Allred thought he had the car in reverse but it was in dreive and he smashed the fence and It scared the heck out of Bro MArtinez and he had to jump out of the way! hahaha 

-Elder Fotu   

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