Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Another week of Blessings!!

Hello Everyone!! Sorry for not being able to email last week due to MLK and Transfers.

Well to start out i got a new Companion!! His name is Elder Laceste! Hes from the Philippines and Is the funniest little guy ever! hahaha Super hard working though! He is my 3rd companion in this area! I been here in East Orange and Newark for a while now... Probably my last transfer here.
So  these past 2 weeks have been Spiritually SUPER high! 2 Sundays ago we got hit with an ice storm so church was cancelled, along with David's Baptism! So we had to wait until yesterday to Baptize him... Saturday night David called us and told us he had some questions about what we believed and that he wanted to postpone the baptism...I was so sad/mad!
We have been working so hard on him and he was progressing so good and overcome so many things! I told him to at least come to sacrament meeting yesterday. I prayed all night for him and Decided to fast for him. Yesterday morning he called us and started asking us more questions. I told him that the only one he should be asking these questions is God and i challenged him to pray right after he hung up the phone. He showed up to sacrament late but i was so happy he made it! He said he was going to leave after the meeting. When sacrament was over he said "Well i guess i can stay for gospel principals class.." hahah we teach the gospel principals for second hour! And the lesson just so happened to be about Adam and Eve which he had had questions about!!! In the class we had 3 investigators and a Brother who was previously a bishop, Sister Vause our senior missionary and another member to help out with the lesson. After Sunday school sister Vause  asked the other elders and I if we could give one of the Other elders in our branches Investigators a blessing. She was having some pain in her back. We asked her who she wanted to give her the blessing and she pointed to me. As we were about to give the blessing David saw us from the hall and walked into the room and sat down. I gave the Blessing and the sister stood up and said "I already feel better!" David joined us for elders Quorum. The Lesson was on Prayer. There was so much said in that lesson that brought the spirit into the room. After church we met with David and answered more of his Questions and found out that one of his friends told him that he should not get baptized and showed him where he could find some anti-Mormon literature on the Internet. We told him that he can listen to what his friend and other people say, but the the only one he should trust is God, and that he needs to pray. last night we were eating dinner at one of our members homes and David called. He said that he is for sure getting Baptized this next Sunday!!

Tears filled my eyes last night as i thanked Heavenly Father for answering my prayers. He provided us with so much to help David. But the Most important thing He gave us was the Spirit. I know that he is the true converter, that no one can know that the things that we teach are true without the spirit. I know that Through Fasting and Prayer we can receive Blessings, answers and Help from our Heavenly Father. I cant Express to you in words how Grateful I am Right now!
PLEASE Pray for David! I know for a fact that Satan will send him more distractions between now and his Baptism.
I Love you All!! I Hope and pray for your safety.
Until Next Week!
-Elder Fotu  

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