Monday, February 23, 2015

Im In love With The Gospel! Baptisms! We Got Baptisms!


Wow!! The last email i sent was on Wednesday but it feels like it was 2 weeks ago! 
Soooo much great stuff is happening Here!
Saturday we had a blizzard and it snowed A LOT!! Then Sunday morning it rained! So we thought for sure the stake would cancel church! But we held church! And Miraculously Most of the Branch came! We were so happy because after the block we had a baptism!!! You havent herd of them because they were mostly the other east orange elders investigators but we taught and interacted with them a lot! Such an amazing family!  
Family of 3!! (from right to left) Sister Marilyn and her 2 Boys William and James. Funniest kids ever and they really love us! My companion Baptized James and Elder Ragma Baptized William.
The Spirit was so strong and they were so happy to be baptized as a family! Marilyn is an amazing woman! Single mother Going in and out of being out and of a job to being homeless and having to take care of her two sons! 
I gave a talk on the Holy Ghost. Its amazing how strong the spirit can be especially when you are just talking about it! These two Boys are going to grow up to be Amazing missionaries!
So happy for them! 

Sadrac came to church and to the baptism as well! He said he got cold feet last week because his family and friends pressuring him a lot to not get baptized. After he saw the baptism and felt how strong the spirit can be. He was set! After the baptism i had the zone leaders hurry and Interview him for his baptism while we had him there! President Caycho, President Taggart's (our mission Pres.) Councilor came to the baptism and had a meeting with us and did some training's with him to strengthen our branch! Such a great suday!!

This morning we had breakfast with Sadrac and he told us that he said to his own Mother! (to whom he is very close with) " Im going to do me because Salvation is personal". I was like wow!?! You said that to your mom!? So he just keeps getting more and more excited!! Hes an amazing man!

Well thats about it for as much as i can put for this week! Transfers are coming up next week, im super nervous! So along with praying for Sadrac you need to pray for me to stay in East Orange!! hahah no but really doe.. 

Love you all!! Have a Blessed week!!

-Elder Fotu  

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