Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Week 10!!!

Had a CRAZY week her in Jersey! Heres a few of our highlights for the week! So to start off on tuesday we had an Exchange with our District Leader (Elder Allen) and his Companion (Elder Cruz)! Elder Cruz Came to our area with me and Elder Augustin went with Elder Allen to their Area. I guess theres a saying that Miracles happen on exchange and they did! Elder Cruz and I were able to meet with a woman named Shanae and her younger sister! We taught then the Restoration and they were super exited and told us that it was exactly what they had been looking for! We have been struggling to find new people to teach So were super exited about that!:) 

On thursday we met with an older woman that we had been meeting with for awhile her name is Shirley Shes from Guyana! The time before when we met with her she said that the print in her Bible was to small and that she wanted one of those big print Bibles. So on thursday when we got the big Bible that we ordered we decided we would take it over to Shirley. When we got there she was on the phone and she told us that it wasn't a good time.. until she saw the big Bible in my hands! She then told the person on the phone: "Ill Have to call you Back!" hahahah! She was soooo happy that we brought her this Bible! She was Hugging (old laddies are ok to hug i guess) us and kept saying OH MY GOSH! OH MY GOSH! (but she wasn't saying gosh) I thought she was about to cry! hahaha She said that we can call her Grandma from now on! hahah it was great! But it made me think that we sometimes take the scriptures for granted and we should be more grateful for them...  

Friday we were able to visit a less active member in the hospital he has a really contagious virus that made them have to cut off his leg! So we had to wear like gloves and gowns and masks and stuff but he was so happy to see us and we were able to give him a blessing. I was kinda scared to be near him at first but the spirit made it known to me that we would be ok! But were probably not going to go back anymore... He wants his home teachers to come and i want to keep all of my limbs! hahah!

I just love the people here in East Orange and Newark! On Saturday we put on another movie night for the Branch and we watched Ephraims Rescue! They Loved it! Our branch is full of amazing people! 

Well i dont have much time but ill end by saying this: I know that we must keep our Faith ESPECIALLY in these last days Before the Savior comes! Because He's Coming Soon and The World Is Only Getting More Wicked! So It Calls For Us As Saints To Be Stronger Than We Ever Have Been! 

 Oh and If you havent getting replies back from me I cant Chat on here anymore..Sorry new mission Rule... I cant even chat with Mom:( so we have to wait until the next week to here back from me:( 

BUT I LOVE YOU ALL!! Keep up the great work and the emails! I love them!! 

-Elder Fotu 

In front of the mission home:

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