Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Building a Kingdom

Cant believe im saying this but i got a little home sick this last week! Reason being was we had a movie night with the members of the branch at the church building and we watched The Other Side Of Heaven! hahah One of my favorite movies! The Members of the ward loved it! They were all cracking up at some of the scenes! It was so funny to see some of them be so surprised at some of the stuff from the Tongan Culture! But the Craziest thing about it was watching the movie whale being a missionary! Soooo many more things stuck out to me in the movie that i could never understand as a kid. The biggest and best thing that made me feel the spirit so strong was the part where Elder Growberg and his comp are walking on the beach just talking and he asks his companion (Feki) why he has so much faith in him. And he says to Elder Growberg "you have traveled such a long way, what you say must be true". and Elder Growberg says: "Well what if i lied to you"? Then what Feki said was what hit me so hard! He said: "Well then you came a long way just to tell a lie". I thought about that and applied it to my self... Even though i havent traveled as far as Elder Growber did to share the gospel, i still feel the same love for the people of New Jersey as he did the people in Tonga, maybe not as much love.. not yet at least but I know that I am teaching is the same word and that if i dont believe that this Gospel is true then what im teaching to these people is a lie.. I Know that this Gospel is true and that our Savior lives. I Know that what im teaching is true and that these truths that i and my companion with the help of God teach can Bless lives! I got a little home sick but at the same time the movie motivated me to have more faith in what im teaching. It also made me be grateful that i dont have have to serve 3 years like Elder Growberg did! haha After the movie some of the members came up to me and elder Makai and said: "did you really live in huts like that in Tonga?" hahah some of them dont know that im from utah but i told them: "Yeah you should see me climb a Cocoanut Tree!" hahahah Elder Makai leaves back home to Utah tomorrow though! Hes the one Tongan Elder (the only one other than me) that i've talked about the one from Spanish Fork hes the Tongan Stake President Makai's Nephew. But hes my homie so go to his Home Coming next week in Spanish Fork! Its Crazy that its my first transfer here and his last! 

I know that as we strengthen our faith in christ by just doing the simple basic things everyday/week (reading scriptures, pray, attend church) and repent of our sins that we will have a sure knowledge that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is true and that He is our Savior!  

Keep Praying for the People we Teach Please!:) Love You All! Hope You Have A Great Week! Endure To the End! 

-Elder Fotu 

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