Tuesday, November 25, 2014


The cold weather is here!! I found out this week that the cold here is not like the cold in Utah! It cuts through to the Bone!!  But despite the cold, the Garden state is Beautiful in the Fall! We went to a park in our area and tried to contact some people. The park had this huge pond and on the other side this big hill with lots of trees and at the top of it was the Catholic Basilica. Its was really cool to see even though its a catholic church... But the Holidays are just around the corner! i dant wait to Put on some more weight! We actually eat a lot... We receive donations from a near by Panera Bread Bakery to distribute bread to people in the nabber hood and in our branch and the left over we get to keep.... there are a lot of left overs so we get a lot of pastries and stuff.. hahahah but Elder Augutsin and i run and work out every morning so im trying to get my 230 back down to 220... hahahah plus we walk everywhere! 

We had Stake Conference Saturday and Sunday! Elder Lancing from the 70 presided! Him and his wife gave such great talks! Everything Was on the Topic of Family and how important it is to stay close to our Families in these last days! There were so many people that attended and a lot of the people there were people investigating the church! which was GREAT! 

Our Branch is growing so much! They Are going to have to expand our building and make it a Ward soon!:) The Work Really is Hastening! 

I Hope everyone is doing great in Utah! Some of the things going on in the community have been kinda hard to hear but i know that as we stay close to The Lord and continue to Strengthen our Families we can get past the hard times.

I Love and Pray for you All! Till Next Week!

-Elder Fotu          

Newark chapel:

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