Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Another Great Week!

Had yet another great week! Real quick something funny/cool that happened to my companion and I last night! So we were out trying people and had zero success plus we were super hungry because we ate all our food for the week and our dinner appointment canceled on us plus it was sunday so we couldn't eat out! So we were just walking around trying all our backups. We decided to go to the house of a less-active that we had never met but was super far from our apartment and when we got there we knocked and a Man answered the door and said Elders! Come in! Are you Hungry? Thinking that this was the less-active member we were kinda weirded out but he asked us if we were hungry so we went in! hahaha He told us that the guy we were looking for was his wife's Brother who moved like 10 years ago! and that they were from the Portages Branch and were super active in the church! The man introduced us to his wife (who was super nice) and they had just got done eating dinner and had leftovers saved for some elders from the Portages branch that never showed up so ate and talk with them for a while! hahahha Oh and I told them that my old bishop (Bishop Pimentel) was from Brazil and his wife said that she grew up with him! So tell Bishop Pimentel that Sandrea Ataides Fed me some Great Brazilian Food! Our prayers were answered!
I had my first interview with President Taggart on Tuesday! It Went Great! He gave us a sheet of paper that laid out the steps that we should take when inviting inactive priesthood holders back to church and im super exited to start taking those steps with some of the lost members in our branch! Ill send some pictures of me in front of the mission home in Morristown!
We also did some service for our Branch Presidents Second Counciler and his Family the Bludorns! Their like the only white family in our branch! hahahah Younger Family. But we helped Paint one of the rooms in their home! it was super Fun! Ill send some pictures of that as well!     

But things here in East Orange/Newark are going great! Even thought there are a lot of wicked people here we seem to still find people that are interested in hearing what we have to say and we are trying so hard to find people to teach! We find people that we think really want to come to church and be baptized and they act super interested but when we call them or show up to there house to teach them they are nowhere to be found... Gets kinda frustrating but im still pushing to find those people who are ready to receive the Gospel! 

Well i better Get going! I hope everything and everyone at home are doing great! I pray for you every day! I love You All! Stay Strong! Stay Active! 

-Elder Fotu     

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