Thursday, October 23, 2014

Let Go and Let God

Cheeehooo! Its been such an amazing week! I think i might cry...hahah jk i dont cry. Anyways! This week started out a little slow but ended really great! Jacob told me that i should share more about my investigators cuz i havent really said much about them. But we are teaching mostly young people! Our most progressing investigators name is Shelove shes a  17-year-old Haitian girl! Super funny! But she likes with her aunt and uncle who are members but the aunt is less-active. Im going to get to the Aunt in a sec.. But one of our other investigators is Hope Green. Shes 9 and We had her on baptismal date for this next Sunday but her mom who is less-active is re-considering it... Super sad because we can tell that Hope really wants to get baptised! So were working on it. Our other Investigator is David! hahaha one of my favorite! Hes 27 and Hes a Rapper! hahahah Hes kinda Got something wrong with him but for the most part hes Accountable. Such a Goofball though! He lives with his dad whos a Less-active member. Those are all our investigators though.. we mostly teach less-active Members..But I Talked about Shelove's Aunt that she lives with thats a less-active member. Her mane is Sister Jean-Marie. We are great friends with her and visit her a lot. But She hasn't Been to church in a long time. we think she might have been offended by someone but we've been trying to get her back to church for a while now. But on Sundayas i was sitting in Sacrament meeting just listening to the talks i felt my companion tap my shoulder and say elder look! and we saw Sister Jean-Marie walk in with her sister (who is an Active member)! We were soooo Happy! Such a Great sunday! So then the class after sacrament meeting is Gospel Doctrine class which is for investigators/resent-converts that my companion and i teach. But we sometimes assign some of them to teach the lessons. So we Had one of the Recent-converts: Sister Barner (big 70-year-old black lady in a wheelchair) Teach the lesson on families! Shes sooo funny and she always says " You  just Gotta Let Go and Let God". But she has a ton of kids and grandkids so she knows a lot about families! But she taught a great lesson and at the end she said: "in closing if theres anything you got from this lesson it should be to just Let Go and Let God" hahaha but there is soooo much Truth in that Little saying! A great example is our experience with sister Jean-Marie. We visited her every week but there was only so much we could do. we did our part of teaching her but our teachings would have been worthless with out Gods help and with out the spirit! This applies to all that we teach as well. This last sunday was such a great Testimony Builder! Im so Grateful for the Lord's hand in our work.            

Our Branch is so AWESOME! We had the opportunities to have dinner with our Branch President, President Hinds and his wife and Family this Week President Hinds is sooo Smooth! Hes this huge black guy with Dreadlocks! hahah When he was called as a Branch President I guess its was Elder Bednar presiding over the meeting and he said that he had special permission to keep the hair for cultural reasons. Him and him wife are from Guyana!  But when we were visiting we watched some Bible videos with them and my companion Elder Augustin said: "I've always wanted to play as a slave in a movie". and there son Malakie whose like Jareds age Says:"I've always wanted to Play in a movie as Jesus" hahahah we all started laughing so hard and President Hinds Goes: " Son, Maybe in a Baptist Film Because they think that Jesus is Black". hahahah

I'm loving it out here though! I wish i could stay in the area my hole mission! Its crazy how I've gained so much love for people so fast that i've known for such a short amount of time! 

Aaaanyways.. I hope everything I going great at home! I love all your letters! keep me updated! Love you All! Until next week!

-Elder Fotu    

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