Thursday, October 23, 2014

SAK PASE!!! ("Whats Up" in Creole)

Its been a very interesting week. Tuesday morning as Elder Augustin and I woke up and started our attempt to work out, we kept hearing Helicopters outside. We didnt really think anything of it at first until the apartment started shaking! hahaha we ran to the window and looked up above our street there was a police helicopter only about 60 feet above the road just hovering there! So we ran outside with our cameras and saw that there were like 50 cop cars at the end of our street! hahahah i guess some guy shot at a police man and then stole a car and crashed it into a tree a couple apartments down! Great way to start off the week! hahaha I wouldn't have it any other way!

Some Exiting things are happening with the church! We got to watch the Meet the Mormons Movie on wednesday before it comes out on the 10th! Such a Great Film!! Really clears up most of the the Wrong things that people believe about the church! But my advice to all members is DONT GO SEE IT!! SHARE IT!! It talks about stuff that we already know as members and it wouldnt really be worth our time to go see it (might as well just go to church or seminary). Dont get me wrong, it a great heart touching film but the church didnt make it for us as members. It should be used to touch the hearts of Non members and people who need to know more about the church. Im pretty sure thats why the church created it. The film will also help our job as missionaries much easier! People that will see this film will have questions and will contact us for more information, then we will start teaching them!! Thats Why we need to share it! post it on Face Book, Pintrist or whatever but share it a ton! Its going to be a huge tool in hastening the work is these last days!

General Conference Was AMAZING!! One of our recent converts, Brother Warren planned on watching the last session with us. But then he called us and informed us that his mom had passed away the night before and he didn't think he was going to come. We felt sorrow for him but were kinda bummed that he wasn't going to come. But sure Enough we showed up at the church and there he was in his Turquoise blue shirt, Purple slacks and Turquoise Alligator print shoes! hahaha We was so happy to see him!! His faith to Attend Conference even thought his mom had just passed truly strengthened my testimony. It was his first time watching General Conference and im positive it helped him cope with the passing of him Mother. 

I especially loved Elder Scott and Elder Bednar's Talks in the last session! Elder Scott Pretty much gave us the answers to the test of Enduring to the End! I have found that, that is the hardest part for new converts after they are baptized. They Dont get in to the habit of Praying, Studying, Meeting with their family every week and Attending the Temple. Not getting into the habit of doing these things eventually leads to inactivity shortly after their baptism. They get used to having the missionaries always there to tell them to do it! We as members especially youth cant get into the habit of having our parents tell us to do these things, we have to get into the habit of doing them on our own. That is how we Endure to the End, by getting into these habits. Elder Bednar has always been my secret favorite ever since i watched his talks at the MTC! One of my questions going into General Conference was: Why am i REALLY on a Mission? hahah Dont worry im not thinking about coming home or anything! I just needed some real assurance of why im here and he answered all my questions just in that one talk! Im soooo exited to take what i learned from Conference and apply to the work! 

Well I should be going now... I love you all and Hope here from you soon! 

Ofa Atu! 

-Elder Fotu           

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