Monday, September 29, 2014


Craziest week of my life!! So.. Tuesday night me and my comp. get a call from President Taggart telling me to start packing my bags to go to a different Area tomorrow! Hahahah dont worry i didnt do anything! I guess one of the new elders that come in with me was having some emotional issues with being on a mission and President Taggart felt he should be in a different Area. Hahahaha and now i know why!! I am in theeee straight HOOD!! Welcome to the East Orange/Newark Area! hahahah Probably the worst area in the mission as far as crime! There was a shooting the day before i got here and the missionaries saw the guy that got shot walk into the store they were in! hahahah but I Love It Here!! We teach a lot of Africans and Hations! My comp Elder Augustin is Black his parents are from Haiti so he speaks the Lingo:) Hes from Orem! But such a great Trainer! The branch we are in charge of has like 50 members in it, all black people! hahahah Church is so fun! We dont have a car so we walk to all our apoinments but were trying to fix up some bikes that some elders left!
The people we teach are mostly from Haiti and Africa! Its so Awesome i Love there accents and the Haition Food is sooo good! Hahaha i know i said this in my last letter but i know that Heavenly Father had President Taggart transfer me for so many reasons.(not being racist) But I think one of them is i can relate to black people so much better than i can with White people! hahaha but i still have yet to see at least one Polynesian person here! they are non Existent in New Jersey!! But in our District is Elder Makai (Tongan) hes from Spanish Fork but he goes home next transfer:( Even though we are in a really rough area a lot of people really respect us as men of God and they look out for us! So dont worry Mom! Im not going to get shot!
All is well here in Jersey, being here is a very humbling experience. My love for the Gospel is growing stronger every minuet here as well my love for sharing it! Sorry for the short letter but i just wanted to give you a little update! I hope everything is going good in utah! How bout them Cougars Doe!?!? What!? All the black people say "Hey those Mormon boys might be Virgins but they can play ball!!" hahahaha Super Funny! But good for BYU even though im not really a fan....
Love you all! Keeping you in my prayers every night! Hope to here from you all!
Ofa Atu!
-Elder Fotu                

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