Monday, September 15, 2014


Hello Friends and Family!! im doing Great here at the MTC and am loving My companion Elder Gibson! the Food is Great!

I read Jakes email email and the part about him saying it was hard for him to come in here made him feel sad and alone makes him sound like a baby to me! hahaha i love it here! haven't been home sick... yet. Hahaha but right when i got picked up by my escort he asked me "are you ready for this elder?" and i said "Lets do this!". So im excited to be here am loving every second of it!! I've learned so much and know i know why Jake says that the weeks just fly by Because they do! but this week has been just the best week of my life! I've learned more in this first week than i have in whole Like 6 months at home! But yesterday was the best day so far! We first had a great fast and testimony meeting as a branch. Then we had mission conference and it was like a mini general conference! Soooo much was said and learned! But the highlight of the day was after our fireside at the end of the day (which was very good as well) we watched a talk that was given by Elder Bednar at the MTC that you can only watch at the MTC is what I've been told, so it's an extra special talk. But Its called "The Character of Christ" of all the things i'm learning here this is the one that has sharpened my view of serving the lord! He spoke along the lines of how the natural man's instinct when something goes wrong in your life you automatically turn inward and want blessing for yourself immediately to help yourself out but Christ instead of being like natural man and being selfish turns outward to others and blesses others lives. He then shared the story of Christ When he was suffering in Garden of Gethsemane, and after his three head apostles fell asleep after he had asked the three times to stay awake while he was bleeding from every pore and suffering for all the sins of the world. Then was betrayed by Judas. But when they came to take him away and one of the apostles cut off the ear of one of the guards. Instead of turning inward and saying all these bad things have happened to me and its not fair, Christ heals the guards ear. Elder Bednar Goes on to talk about a woman in his stake who called him one night because she was on another line with a nurse that told her there was a bad accident that her daughter had been involved in with three other girls that one girl had already been pronounced dead and she was out of town so she needed someone to go and identify the girls that were still alive to see if it was her daughter. But while they were still talking on the phone the nurse on the other line told the woman that the girl that was dead was her daughter. instead of breaking down and not even crying she told Elder Bednar that he needed to inform the other mothers of these daughters that they are alive. He goes on to share some other experiences that i would like to share but i don't have time.... but hearing this talk has now changed my whole MTC experience! Its made me realize that its not about me leaving Family and sacrificing everything to serving the mission, I dont have time to feel sorry for myself and turn inward. Its about turning outward like Christ did to the people that i can bless from serving the mission. I hope to learn as much as i can so that i can be successful in being a tool in the hands of The Lord

I love you all!! and Hope to keep hearing from you!! 

-Elder Fotu                        

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