Thursday, September 25, 2014

1 down 10 billion to go!

HELLLLOOO!!!! From the New Jersey Morristown Mission East Brunswick Area!! 

Ooooh my goodness! I dont even know where to start! Sooo much is going down in this amazing place!! 

Well i guess i can start off with my companion Elder Way. Best Trainer Ever!! Such a solid guy, soooooo obedient! which is a very good thing! Hes from Gilbert Arizona but originally from Spanish Fork. We've been super busy!! when i first got here we didn't even stop by the apartment to drop off my stuff! we went straight out and taught a less active! hahaha it was kinda crazy the first few days but im pretty much used to it now. We've taught like 2 to 3  lessons each day which is really good! and so it gets kinda crazy but i love it! the city were in is like half nice, half ghetto but its mostly a bunch of crazy college students because were on Rutgers Campus. So there are a lot of like Frat houses and stuff like that so it gets a little crazy on the weekends. But we just throw Book of Mormons at them and call them unto Repentance! hahahahah I've been told that this is like one of the nicest areas in the mission besides Morristown so super exited about that! Oh bu the first day when i got off the plane we got picked up by the mission president and his wife the Taggarts and the AP's. Then we went out to downtown Newark witch is like one of the worst areas in the mission (really Ghetto) and we were assigned a temporary Companion and we were standing in the middle of the city in a circle and they told us to start sing a hymn. so we started singing and then all of the sudden all of out temporary senior companions just started running and they yelled stay with your companion! so i ran after my companion and we just started proselyting! hahahah super funny but they call it the Fear Buster. They do it to all the new missionaries! But i did pretty good! talk to a bunch of black people and gave out a Book of Mormon! hahahah! 

But I am absolutely Loving it here though! Jersey is such a beautiful place with such amazing people and traditions! I truly believe that Our Heavenly Father Sent me here for all the right reasons, and most of all to help these people come unto Christ. I cant be more exited for what he has in store for me here! Thank you for all your Prayers! I can already see the out come of them!   

Love you all! Keep up all the great work! 

-Elder Fotu                       

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