Thursday, October 23, 2014

Another Great Week!

Ooohhh Man! I wish my whole mission was recorded on video so that you could see all the great things that are going on here! Things are going great here! Some things can be frustrating though. our branch consists of about 60 members that show up to church, and about 120 less-actives that we have never seen! There have been a lot of Bucket-a-Chicken Baptisms here! Bucket-a-Chicken Baptisms are where a missionary offers some one a bucket of chicken if they get baptized! hahahah not really but thats just what they call it when someone gets baptized and you never see them again. (and everyone is black around here there for they love fried chicken). But other then that things are great! We could use a lot of prayers for our investigators! 

Sorry fo the short Letter but ill have more time next week so stay tuned!

Love you all!

-Elder Fotu

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