Friday, December 5, 2014

Turkey For Dayyyzzz!

Helloooooo Everyone! sorry i didnt email last week! We were super busy so i only had time to email president! But sounds like everyone had a lot of fun this past week! Man i miss the holidays at home already!

 Things are going great here in East Orange/Newark! My Thanksgiving was soooooo great! We had a Turkey Bowl from 9 until like 12:30! Half of our mission was there, the other half was down south playing at the Princeton stadium! We had our first snow storm here and it snowed a couple inches and so we had fun rolling around in the snow!  I've been super sore since then because i haven't ran that much in i don't know how long! I tore it up though! Had like 10 touchdowns and like 20 sacs! Hahaha Yes I made everyone have an O and D line! 

After that we had to run home and get ready for our 1st of 4 dinner appointments!! I dont think I've ever been more FULL in my life! After the second dinner i was about to pass out! But our third and last last one (because we didnt have enough time for the forth and we feared we might injure ourselves if we went) was with our Branch Presidents family the Hinds! It was so much fun! After we ate we played Scattergories (my new favorite game). It was so funny! It reminded me of our family and how we always play fun games during the holidays! I highly suggest buying this game and playing it with the family! hahaha When we got home that night i couldnt remember how i got into bed i was so full and tired! HEAPS of FUN though! 

Yesterday at church in Sacrament Meeting President Hinds had a couple of members share some things about Thanksgiving, and afterwards Brother Menson (really funny guy) who is the 1st councilor in the branch presidency spoke and he talked about Giving.  It was super funny because he's from Ghana and has a really strong accent! But he told a story that was from his village in Ghana it went somewhere along the lines of: there was once a wood pecker who had a strong beak and every time one of the animals in the jungle would die, he would never help the rest of the animals in the jungle burry that animal that died. One day the monkey came to the wood pecker and asked him why he never helped and that they could really use his strong beak and the wood pecker said that he was to busy doing his own things. The monkey then asked him who was going to help him burry his mother if he never helped? The Wood Pecker said that he doesn't need help and that he would do it himself. When the day came that the wood pecker's mother died, he got a took-ace and was unable to burry his mother. Brother Menson then said: when i came to america i noticed that americans were so giving! (he then held up a newspaper and pointed to it) It says here in the headlines that studies have found that giving is good for your health!! That is why american live for so long!! Hahaha everyone was busting up! Him telling that story in his accent was so funny! But it made me realize that we should focus on giving gifts this holiday season instead of receiving or just sticking to ourselves! Our focus as missionaries is to give the Gift of Christ. I'm so exited to have this focus this holiday season because this will be a great way to catch peoples attention and have the opportunity to share the Gospel with them! Hopefully it will be a cool experience being on a mission and having a better clear view of the true meaning of Christmas.        

I Love You All!! Hope we all have a fun, safe and blessed holiday season! 

-Elder Fotu             

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