Monday, December 8, 2014


So it was pretty much a normal week for us here in Jersey. Its getting Flipping cold out so we dont see a lot of people out on the streets to contact. Although we were able to pick up new Investigator who i am SUPER PUMPED about! His name is Ronald he was referred to us by a member. His wife just died and he was searching for something that would give him an understanding to where we go after this life... We taught him the Plan Of Salvation and about the spirit world and how missionary work is done in the spirit world and how his wife would and have a chance to hear the same message we were giving him. When he herd this he started to tear up.. then he said "so she has a chance..??". The spirit immediately filled the room and i started to tear up as well! This guy has so much potential and I would ask all of you to pray for him! 

Anyways I hope everything is going great back at home! Christmas is coming and im so happy because it give us another reason to talk about our Savior! Garrett is getting Married this week! Gonna Rock the Honeymoon Bro!? hahahah sorry had to say it! Wow seems like yesterday we were just kids! Now im on a mission and your getting ready to have a family of your own! 

We got our transfer notices this morning! Im staying but Elder Augustin is going... Gonna Miss him. But im done being trained so im pumped to start leading the area!

All right sorry its as long as it usually is but i gotta go! Love You All! Have a Great Week! Always keep the Savior in Mind!

-Elder Fotu   

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