Monday, October 26, 2015


Well it's start into get cold here! It's crazy to think that this is
my last fall in the mission!! But
Who's thinking about that..?😜
This past week was another good one. I was down south in Toms River
and Long Branch πŸ‘ˆπŸΎ one of my old Wards! I got to see some old faces
so it was fun!
In Toms River I was with Elder Reese and Elder Jordan! Two really
Great missionaries! Elder Jordan is being trained by Elder Jordan and
they work hard together! I was telling Elder Reese that my brother
Jake served in Poland and he was like hey a couple in my ward who
write me like every week served in Poland and they came home so they
could go to their youngest kids wedding who was the last of 12 kids to
go on a mission and get Sealed in the Temple! And I was like hey I
herd about that from my brother! So.. Yeah he knows them Jake..

In Long Branch I was with Elder Jeon and Elder Thomson! They are right
on the Jersey Shore! Super nice rich area! We were able to really work
on finding new Investigators. Elder Jeon is from Korea and is a super
bold! Hahaha I love it! He's not afraid to tell people how it is!
Learned a lot from them! Elder Jeon also made me Squid ink noodles!!
Surprisingly super good! Hahah I'll send a picture! The ward mission
leader Brother Murch and his wife took us out to eat as well! They
were my Favorite when I was serving down there! They remind me of
Grandpa Jack and And Grandma SoSo!

Well this next week should be a fun one! President and Sister Taggart
are heading to Salt Lake on Wednesday for a Seminar so we're holdin it
down for the week! We have a meeting with all the Zone Leaders that we
are doing on our own so we'll need a lot of prayers this week! Hahah

A scripture that I Ponderized this last week was 1 Nephi 4:6 witch
reads: And I was led by the Spirit, not knowing beforehand the things
which I should do. 7 Nevertheless I went forth.

Love you! Thank you so much for all your Prayers and Love! Have a Great week!

-Elder Fotu

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