Monday, October 26, 2015

Another one for the books!

This week was very great and fulfilling!

The leaves are changing here in the garden state! It's getting chilly!
Fall is here!

This week started out with us driving all the way up to New City New
York! The part of our mission that is in the state of New York. It was
great though I was with Elder Winfield and Elder Victor! They are
pretty much the only English speaking missionaries in that part of the
mission so their area is huge! And it's full of just straight trees!
Everywhere we went I felt like I was in the sacred grove so something!
It was awesome! We taught a man named John who had a very strong
testimony of the Apostasy and knew there needed to be a restoration!
When we taught to him it all made sense to him! It was awesome! It
made me wish for everyone we talk to be like John! But not everyone is
so it just excited me even more to search for more people like him!

Next I went to Englewood/Palisades Park aka: K-TOWN!!!! I've never
seen more Asian people in my life!!! The Korean missionaries serve
there and are on top of things!! Elder Harris (I served around him in
East Orange) and Elder Koo were my companions for the last part of the
week in K-Town and they are waking so hard to finish strong as Elder
Harris is going home this week! It really puts into prospective how
fast serving a mission really is when I'm around missionaries that are
getting ready to go home!
We ate at a couple sweet Korean restaurants while I was there too! It
strait up felt like I was in Korea! We would walk down the street and
all the signs and stuff were in Korean and all the people were Korean!
They taught me how to say "hello" and "thank you" in Korean! Of cores
I just butchered it every time I'd say hi to someone and they would
just start laughing! But I found that people were more willing to talk
to us when I was making them laugh with my horrible Korean! Hahaha

Today we are picking up the new missionaries from the airport! Super
stoked! There are some great missionaries coming in! And there are
some great missionaries leaving as well... Transfers are always such a
great and dreadful day...
But General Conference is this next week!!! I always call it the
"Missionary Super Bowl" because the whole mission is always so pumped
for General Conference.

Well that's about it for this past week! Sorry it's kinda short... But
we're kinda busy so I gotta jet! Thank you for the prayer, love, and
support. I truly feel the Saviors love through your letters and
prayers on my behalf:)

Heaps of Love!

-Elder Fotu

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