Monday, October 26, 2015

NJMM (my letter from last week that I forgot to send..)

Hey Family! I just want to start out by saying I love you all! And I pray for each of you individually Every night! I don't know what I would do with out you!

Well this past week was a doozy! Transfers went very well and we got all the new missionaries in and the old ones out! It's always such a happy/sad day.. We dropped Elder Maddox and the rest of the departing missionaries off at the airport Wednesday morning. Elder Maddox went home a transfer early due to really bad back problems. He had fought so hard and gone through heaps to stay out.. but ones body can only take so much. It was sad to let him go😒

Thursday we had New Leadership Training Meeting. Where we met with all the Newly Called Leaders in the mission. We talked a lot about being the example, and finding people to teach. The Next day in MLC (meeting with all the Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders) President Taggart threw down on a bunch of the leaders because they were slacking a bit and weren't finding new investigators enough! He even said he would start releasing missionaries from being Zone Leaders if they didn't step it up! There defiantly is a new sense of urgency amongst the leaders of witch we lacked! Haha 

General Conference was Amazing!!! As usual! But this one seemed to be very special.. Not only because of the newly called Apostles but the talked seemed to be more Bold than past Conferences.. I think it just means that we need to step it up! There seemed to be themes of: More Faith, Better Sabbath Day Observance, and Being a Better Disciple of Jesus Christ! I Loved it! I received SOOOOO many answers to my questions! One of them being: - What will strengthen my faith in the Lord more than anything else? My answer was in the Priesthood session the first talk Elder Anderson said: "How we live our lives increases or diminishes our faith. … There is an adversary who delights in destroying our faith! Be relentless in protecting your faith. ... The difficulties of mortality blow against you, and evil forces lurk in the darkness, hoping to extinguish your faith. But as you continue to make good choices, trust in God, and follow His Son, the Lord sends increased light and knowledge, and your faith becomes settled and unwavering." BEAST ANSWER EVER if you ask me!

It's been an awesome week! 

Love you all! Thank you for all your love!

-Elder Fotu

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