Wednesday, November 18, 2015


Hey Fam! President Taggart told me last Monday that Mom had called and
told him Grandma SoSo had passed away. I am sad that she is gone but
happy that she is at peace.
I've always been grandma's little boy and I cherish the moments and
memories we had at grandma's house.
I'm glad I'm here on my mission to have such a strong knowledge of
Gods Plan. I know that we all will be with Grandma SoSo again to live
happily in our Heavenly Fathers Kingdom!
I hope Grandpa Jack is doing good! Give him my love!

Things have been going great here in Jersey! I've been on exchanges
all over the place! I was in Newark and Irvington 2 weeks ago and East
Brunswick and Scotch Plains this past week! It's been a blast! Our
mission has been💥BOOMING💥lately! We had our big zone conferences
this past week, so it was super hectic trying to go from exchange to
exchange with zone conferences in between. But there were successful
trainings givin and the mission is getting pumped for the holiday

Saturday I got an email from Preside Taggart saying that Danny
Humphrey was coming tomorrow to talk to our mission! Super surprised!
It will be great to him!

Well sorry it's short but.. Know that I'm loving the Work, and I would
be anywhere else in the world!!

Thank you all!

🇹🇴Ofa Atu🇹🇴

-Elder Fotu

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