Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Work = Fun

Wow! I didn't think being a zone leader would require so much energy! I've been so tired this week its not even funny. Our zone is the farthest south in the mission so when we have meetings in Morristown and East Brunswick (1 1/2- 2hours away) 2-3 times a week it gets pretty exhausting. But what is said in the meetings and the spirit that's felt just wants to make me work harder and improve as a missionary! I sent some pictures of Leadership Conference. President Taggart and the Assistants Talked a lot about setting goals and making plans but most importantly, Following up! President shared a Story about how when he helped start Ogeo (the bag company) they weren't doing so good as far as sales, they really couldn't figure out what was going on. So they hired a new guy to be over sales and a couple months later Ogeo's sales doubled, out of nowhere. President asked they new guy over sales what he did different, and he said one word: Followup. They compared that to missionary work and how a lot of time us missionaries meet with people and teach them this great lesson and it goes great and were all exited and we set up a time to come back, we come back to leach the second lesson and we ask them how their reading went or whatever it was that we left with them and they say: "oh i forgot..". We need to follow with then during the week and how them accountable. But not only is it key that we followup, but how we followup. So instead of us calling or texting them, having the member that taught them with us calling or texting them and asking them how their reading is going during the week. The Assistants: Elder Welburn & Elder Maddox (Maddog From LP) Gave some great training's on creating a Vision for our zones and for ourselves, and being a full purpose Missionary. Really Great Meetings this week!!

Its been Kinda hard this past couple of weeks with being doubled in here in Eatontown and not having regular church the past two Sundays, because we have hardly met any of the members of the ward. But Yesterday was Regional Conference! New Jersey along with New York, Connecticut,PA and like a bunch of other states had a Broadcasted Conference at the stake conference. Elder Hails,Elder Neil L. Anderson, Elder Ketcher of the 70 and Sister Reeves from the Relief Society spoke. Such great talks! I wish they had them on lds.org or something.

Well between Meetings and Conferences we are still able to meet with people, thank goodness! We have a goal of 12 new investigators this month and at the beginning of this week we were at 0 and we finished with 6 at the end of the week!! 3 more day to get 6 more! We can do it! We just have to rely on the Lord and put in the work!! Your prayers would work aswell!:)

Thank You for all the Love and support!!

Love you all!!

-Elder Fotu            

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