Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Hey Hey!

Best week so far in Eaton town!
So many great things going on here! All of our hard work these past 5 weeks is starting to pay off!
We have been really focusing on separating the wheat from the tares. Best way to do so is helping the people who we are teaching know our purpose why why we are here. Our mission is really focusing on extending a baptismal invite within the 1st or 2nd lesson. This has really helped us find out who is really interested in the Restored Gospel and we are able to stop wasting our time and move on to find the Lords Elect! You would think that due to this focus, our lesson and Investigator count would decrease but it went up!! And we had an Investigator at Church Yesterday!! His name is Carl he is 18! He is Awesome! Haha We found im by contacting this lady who gave us her "address" but it was Carl's address and when we knocked on the door we asked for the lady and he said "Who?" hahah she totally gave us the wrong address! But we talked to Carl and he told us to come back the next day and he was super Interested! We Invited him to church the next day and he showed up and Loved it!! We are super pumped about it and he knows some of the young men in our ward that go to his school! PLEASE Pray for him!!
We also went on Exchange and I got to go to Long Branch with the biggest Boss of a missionary! Elder Jessop! He from Lehi and he is 25 and this is his first month on his mission! Haha. He was in the Army for 8 years and has an AMAZING story to his Life! He wakes up at 5 every morning with his companion to run to the beach to watch the sunrise! I didn't want to throw off his running schedule so i got myself to wake up and run with him! Totally worth it! We had an awesome exchange though! Elder Jessop Works so hard! Love Him!
Im Grateful to be here Serving! I wouldnt be anywhere else! Even though some people here truly are from the east and show it by being Extremely grouchy, I still love them!:)
Thank You for all the support and letters!! 
Love You All!      

-Elder Fotu 

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