Tuesday, May 26, 2015

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Heyyy!! Well weeks just get Crazier and Crazier, and Shorter and Shorter...
We had a little more meetings... Friday was my first MLC. Its where all the zone leaders and Sister training Leaders Meet and discuss the needs of the mission. 
After MLC we went on Exchange with the assistants! I went to Elizabeth with Elder Maddox! haha we couldnt help but just talk about fun times at LP and Football! Who knew Maddog would be and assistant!? hahah jk! He is an Amazing Missionary and has taught me so much! One great experience we had was we were on our way back from an appointment that had canceled and Elder Maddox and I were waiting at a light and right next to us was this house that really stuck out to me and i was just starring at it. All of the sudden Elder Maddox pilled the car over and parked the car in the front of this house. Thinking that he had a prompting from the spirit to stop at this random house i was super pumped! But he told me it was someone they contacted before... So i was kinda disappointed.. haha. But we knocked on the door and Juan answered the door and let us in. We read a couple scriptures with him and i forgot what scripture it was but we could tell he really felt the spirit. Then we invited him to read the rest of the chapter and left.. And right as we were leaving I thought: "Why didnt we commit him to be Baptized!?". And so you would think that i would just turn around and ask him to be Baptized. but i didnt... Elder Maddox and i got in the car and started driving. Elder Maddox turned to me and said:"Your thinking what im thinking right??" and i said:"Yep! Turn around" hahah so we went back and Asked Juan to be Baptized! He said YES!!! Such an amazing Experience! 
Im so grateful for the spirit and for a Leader to be such a great example!
I love My Mission!

-Elder Fotu

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