Tuesday, May 26, 2015


So.. I'm getting transferred.. I've only been here in Eatontown for 1
transfer and just when I'm starting to like, it I get called last
night! Soooo... I don't know where I'm going yet but I find out at
transfer conference tomorrow, so I'll yet y'all know next week!
This week was crazy! Tuesday we had an all mission conference and we
got iPads! πŸ“±πŸŽ‰Yay! We were supposed to have a general authority come
and train us with an Elder Randall.. Not the one in the seventy but
the one over the missionary tech stuff.. But the GA got sick so it was
just Elder Randall here training us and President Taggart was informed
the night before that he had to fill in for the GA. I know this
because the night before all the elders in our zone slept at the
mission home because our zone is super far to drive to Motown. Anyways
the whole mission was there to receive this training from Elder
Randall and it was just awesome! The work we are going to be able to
is super exciting! It includes online proselyting
(Facebook,Skype,FaceTime). Super cool and in some cases when we teach
on line we can have family members as team ups with us! So y'all
better be studying to help me out in my lessons next week! Hahah gonna
be pretty cool! Haha all the missionaries going home this transfer
have been waiting for iPads their whole mission and now that we have
them they're going home...hahaha πŸ˜„πŸ‘‰πŸ˜’
The Lord is trusting us with a lot!
Some new people we are teaching: Grisel- We are putty our area books
and planners into digital for so that we can have all the info we need
everywhere we go, we've been having to clean up a lot of the old
former investigaotors and stuff in the book. We called one the former
paper records and Grisel answered and we set up and appointment with
here. Come to find out when Elder Ayers and Elder Beard went to teach
her (I was on exchange) she was baptized like 10 years ago but never
confirmed! She has some anxiety and depression issues and she can't be
around large crowds or groups. So when she found out she was going to
be confirmed I front of everyone at sacrament meeting she just bounced
and no one ever herd from her... Also 10 years ago she was having some
really rough thoughts.. And the missionaries knocked on her door and
she was able to overcome a lot of her depression! 10 years later she
starts going through some tough stuff with anxiety and depression and
her phone rang and It was us!:) Its amazing how the Lord works through
his missionaries! She Is going to have to Baptized again because she
was never confirmed. We are so excited for her! Please Pray for her!!
Tyron- We showed up at our less-active youths house and there was this
16 year old kid there with her and she said "I brought my friend Tryon
so that we didn't have to meet out side anymore. (Her mom is single so
we can't tech her inside) so we were like sweet! Tyron is this tall
black kid who can sing your ears off! Super good voice! He wasn't
raised believing in God so he is super interested in our message!
Loves the Plan Of Salvation! Pray for him!
I'm kinda mad that I'm leaving because I can't teach these wonder people!

Well there going to be a lot of change going on in our mission. My
companion just got released as a zone leader! There starting to
dissolve some of the zones. When I first came into the mission there
were 12 zones. This next transfer there's going to be 9! It's okay
though, change is good! We just need all these young bloods in high
school to graduate and get out here so that we can go back up in

Well I better get going.. Just got done unpacking, now I gotta pack up again!
Thank you all for your love and prayers! I wouldn't be able to do this
work with out them!
Oh and shout out to the lil Bro Lennon on turning 18! Shoooots!
Getting to be a big boy now! Good luck to Kerstin in the US OPEN
Qualifier!⛳️ In the Hole🐯! Also Shout out to Da Big Uce Danielson
Auelua committing to Utah State! 🏈 Gonna Knock Some Heads!!

So Much Ofas!

-Elder Fotu

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