Saturday, July 18, 2015


Well once again we had a super crazy week!
Wednesday we went to the Temple!! Best place in the world!! Elder
Pluim and I had to make the traveling arrangements and get our whole
zone to and from the temple. We were kinda stressin out We all made it
through Downtown Manhattan and had a great experience at the temple:)
On the way back while riding the train a couple of Elders in our zone
got off at the wrong stop so we had to wait  an extra hour to give
them a ride from the Newark station to the chapel. But all was well we
had a great time!

Friday was Mission Leader council! We met with President and Sister
Taggart and the rest of the zone leaders and sister training leaders
in the mission. It was exciting and refreshing to be re-motivated on
what we need to do to succeed in the mission. We are really
emphasizing on working with the members to help with the work.
President has come out with "4 things I will do from now on!" I'll
attach the 4 things to this email but the thing that we really
focusing on is following up. The was a zone that really pushed this in
their district and they had 12 baptized this past month! So it sure
does work!

Our friends that we're teaching are still doing pretty good! Eric
didn't come to church on Sunday because he got invited by one of his
friends to go to a baptist church. But he said he was mad he didn't
come because this baptist church said some stuff in their sermon that
offended him. So we hope that makes him want to come next week.

Our Friend Samad is coming a long slowly.. We talked to his mom about
baptism and she said no because she wants him to be baptist... But she
still wants us to teach him witch doesn't make sense... But I love the
kid! He wants so much to know more about God it blows my mind!

Sorry it's short... But I'm thankful for all of you and your prayers
and emails! No other place could I feel Gods love more than where I
am! I love this work!

Love you all!!

-Elder Fotu

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