Saturday, July 18, 2015


Had a great 4th of July!
Over all it was a good week! We had Zone meeting witch was awesome! We
talked a lot about developing Christlike attributes, especially we
talked about diligence and obedience.. We went on exchange with the
elders from Scotch Plains. I stayed in Irvington with Mcarther he's
from Kerns Utah and is a Boss of a Missionary! I always love it when
younger missionaries that are serving in nice more wealthy areas get
to come on exchange and experience the Hood Life:)

The 4th we met with our recent convert Naudia at her house. Her family
that disowned her let her come back and live with them! And her sister
Amanda (who was against her Naudia being Mormon) decided to sit in on
our lesson and she really liked! It's crazy how people's
misconceptions of the church go away after they meet with the
missionaries! But she was excited and she's meeting with us tonight!
We wanted to watch fireworks and we had permission from President
Taggart to stay out a little later but our area gets a little sketchy
at night especially on the 4th of July so we decide to just watch them
on top of our apartments parking garage. It was nice.
Yesterday was of course fast and testimonies meeting and I had some
pretty interesting meetings in East Orange but this ward has been the
even more interesting! Hahaha a sister started preaching like a
baptist and for like 20min and started singing some song and all the
converts in the church with other religious background started singing
with her! Hahaha funniest thing to see all the people that have moved
her from Utah looking around like "is this real life?" Hahaha! Then to
add to that we went to a Haitian church that our Friend Nancy invited
us and a Haitian Brother of our ward too. But it was Crazy! They just
sang and danced and banged on some drums for like 30min straight then
their pastor asked the brother with us to say a couple words and all I
could understand him saying was Joseph Smith, Authority, John the
Baptist, and priesthood. Hahah and everyone in the small room just
started glaring at us. Hahahah we didn't stay for that long.

Well it a new fresh transfer so I'm excited to see new and great
things happen, in our area and zone! Please pray for us!

I'm happy to have the privilege to share my experiences with you all!
Thank you for all your prayers and emails!

God Bless America!

Love You All!

-Elder Fotu

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