Thursday, June 25, 2015


This past week was great Elder Pluim and I are working hard. We
started off the week with an exchange it went very well I got to go to
Scotch Plains with Elder black he's a great missionary.
We now have the ability to have our area books and planners on our
iPads which has been taking up a lot of missionaries time because they
have to Record everything from the paper Area Books into their iPads.
Our area has a very large and not very organized area book so it's
taking us a minuet to convert all of it onto our iPads.  It was kind
of annoying because it cut into our proselyting time but we were able
to reach most of our goals this week.
We met some sweet Haitian Brothers their names are on Arden's, Ordell
and Wade. It was kind of funny how we met them, Ordell was a referral
and when we went to his house to contact him Wade answer the door.
Wade (14-16ish) said he was Jehovah Witness and wasn't interested but
said we could come back the next day to find Ordell. We went the next
day to meet with Ordell and Arden's answered the door so we started
teaching him and soon Wade came to translate for his brother Arden's
because he doesn't speak very good English. The lesson went great! We
asked Arden's if he wants to be baptized and he said "anything but
Jehovah witness!" Hahaha so we set up a appointment with him later in
the week. So when we came back with a member named Oriol who speaks
creole, Ordell answered the door! So we gave him the Bible he had
requested and started teaching him with the Creole material that we
brought to teach Arden's! Soon enough Arden's came walking up the
street and joined us in the lesson. Then a car pulled up and Wade
stepped out! Hahaha so now that we had all of them there we set up a
time this next week to teach them ALL at the same time! I already love
them though! A bunch of goofy kids!
Nadia was confirmed on Sunday it was a sweet experience for all of us!
So much of a great experience that she went into a seizure after
church! Haha she's fine now but she says that her seizures are set off
by emotion and that it's hard when she is really feeling the spirit!
Who knew that feeling the spirit would be a bad thing!? Haha but no
she will be able to control it and everything will work out for her!!
We are praying for her.
Also our friend Eric that I talked about my first week here, came to
church! And he knows Naudia and two other recent Converts! We were
kinda worried that we wouldn't be able to help him progress but I
think we found the key! He's super excited and wants to come to church
every week now!
Last cool experience... Yesterday day Elder Pluim and I were walking
down this super sketchy street! Couldn't find out why we were prompted
to go there but as we were walking this big old black lady yelled at
us to go talk to her, so we started talking to her and she told us
that she used to talk to missionaries before, so we were like sweet do
you want to start meeting with us? And said no I want you to teach my
son he's the one riding his bike over there. So we called her son over
and started talking to him, his name is Samad he's almost 12. His mom
said she wants him in church and out of the streets. (Like most
mothers out here in the hood but there kids start doing drugs at a
young age and it's hard to teach them) We started teaching Samad and
he was just smiling the hole time and he was reading, and just loving
it! By the end of the lesson he told us he wants us to come teach him
everyday! And this morning he called us and told us he started reading
the Book of Mormon!! Super excited to see him again!! PRAY FOR THIS
KID! Pray for him to understand the gospel!!

So much love to all of you!! Thank you for all of your prayers!

-Elder Fotu

Stuck my comp in the dryer.... He was getting on my nerves

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