Saturday, May 14, 2016

Whazzz Gooooodd!?

To say that conference was amazing would be an understatement... My
Favorite session was the First one. President Eyrings talk really set
the tone for the rest of the conference. Then Elder Hallstrom's talk
😱 My Favorite besides Elder Hollands talk. But the first session's
icing on the cake was the Song at the End! Come thou fount of every
blessing is the greatest hymn that Motab does! It felt like the
conference center roof was about to pop off from the spirit!
So many great talks through out conference! I felt like Elder Holland
was speaking on behalf of the Prophet and he did such an amazing job
of showing the power and love that the Lord has! I gained a ton from
it! Most of the Talks seemed to point to the Temple. I'm stoked to go
to the temple again this summer:)

Well as far as our area goes things are poppin!
We continue to teach Habbaho! Such a faith seeking guy and really
wants to be converted! Looking to be baptized at the end of this
We met a a guy named Dennis! He's from one of the only counties in
Africa that I hadn't met someone from yet, Uganda! Really cool guy! He
was a referral who ordered a bible. When we took him his bible we
introduced the Book of Mormon to him and he eat it up! So we are
excited to continue to meet with him and teach him the gospel! Really
humble guy from a humble background.
Sister Martinez, our 1st Councilor in the Branch Presidencies wife is
really coming along! A year ago when I was here before she was not
interested at all, but she is reading and praying with her husband so
we are Super Pumped for her! Brother Martinez has been a member for
almost 20 years now and she is slowly but surely following him. She is
so sweet.

I every conference always strengthens my testimony of a prophet and
Apostles but this last one was definitely supposed to be my last one
in the mission! The love that our Heavenly Father has for us and our
Devine heritage was another common topic in Conference and I
definitely felt Gods love for all of us.

I hope you have a good week! If you could sneak a prayer in for the
peeps I mentioned I'm teaching I know the lord will bless us both but
most of all them:)

Thank you. Love you.

-Elder Fotu

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