Saturday, May 14, 2016

🌻Happy Spring/Easter

Where do I start...
Well the weather has gone everywhere from 81 degrees two weeks ago To
snow last Monday then making its way back up to 60 and raining
today... Don't know what to think of this Jersey Weather! But it
hasn't been to bad!

Last week Elder Pearson my Former companion and District Leader this
past transfer went home🙁 I had the opportunity to go to his area for
the last exchange of his mission! It was to so great! He is such an
amazing missionary, and I look up to him so much! On the exchange in
his area we taught a Tongan Family!!🇹🇴 The Vaivaka Family! They
moved here about 2 years ago and their daughters know my lil sis
Kerstin! They said they went to mountain ridge, and they also went to
the Tongan Ward in AF so they Know Bishop Fotu!

Last Monday all the Elders in the north half of our Mission had a
March Madness Basketball tournament! Our east Orange team did good! We
barely lost in the Final Four to the Elders that Won the Tournament..
But we won Best Uniforms!

A lot has been good on with our Branch! We are really working with the
Members in helping us in the work. A Peruvian Sister and her nephew
moved into our Area this past month and she really wants to get
involved in missionary work! Which is awesome because our branch kinda
struggles with that kinda stuff but we are definitely improving every
week! The Vause's (Senior missionary couple in our branch) have really
held a lot of things together for our branch and they are going home
next month.. Aaanndd we've been informed that we won't be getting
another senior couple to help us out! It's gonna be kinda hard.. But
our once little East Orange branch is growing into a Ward so we are
excited! And the branch needs to be more independent anyways, so it
should be good for us to not have the extra help!

We are teaching a guy named Habbaho, his son Jeffrey from East Orange,
is on a mission in Florida and really wants him to take the
discussions! So he's been coming to church and he's doing Great!  Pray
for him please!

So yesterday some how us four Elders in East Orange got tricked into
doing something I thought I'd never ever do in my entire life... We
sang in sacrament meeting! Hahahahah don't know how or why but somehow
the program for sacrament said "closing Hymn: Special Musical Number-
Missionaries" luckily we only sang the first three verses of I Know
That My Redeemer Lives and the rest of the congregation joined in on
the forth verse...

It was crazy to hear about the Bombing in Brussels and that one of the
missionaries Mason Wells played football with me! It sounds like he's
doing alright though! Still in my prayers.

We have been blessed by your prayers and love! Thank you!

-Elder Fotu


East O Ballas

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