Thursday, September 17, 2015


Heyy y'all!!! Well I hope everything is good back at home! I herd
about BYU beating Wisconsin! That's crazy! It's cool what serving a
mission will do for you even on the football field;) hahah
It's actually pretty sweet sometimes when people affiliate us with BYU
and sometimes they will just walk up to us and start talking about
BYU's football team!!

Well besides that Elder Pearson and I went on two exchanges first in
Ledgewood the first half of the week with Elder Norris and Elder
Franke. Ledgewood is just north of Morristown really nice area! It's
was great though! It so great to learn so much from these missionaries
that I get to be around!

The last half of the week I was in Bayonne with Elder Rajakumar and
Elder Tayler who went to Lone Peak with me! Elder Rajakumar is from
Germany! Amazing missionaries! Bayonne is directly under Jersey city
and has some pretty sweet people there! There's a tiny branch there
with some of the greatest members in the world! It's amazing how
dedicated people are to the church in these small branches! And!
speaking of branches... I'm going back to East Orange on for exchange
this week!!! Whooooohoooo! Soooo pumped! Can't wait to tell you all
about it next week!

Well that's about it for Jersey this week... Sorry for making it
short.. But hey I'm lovin it! That's all that matters!:)

Love you all! Have a great and safe week!

-Elder Fotu

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