Thursday, September 17, 2015


 Let's see.. How can I pack everything that happened this week in to
one little letter.. Well I can Explain it with one word: BUSY! Haha
I've never been so tired! Last week just flew! I swear I just told
y'all I was heading back to East Orange for an exchange, and it was
awesome! I was so so glad to see that, that area was in the good hands
of an Elder Donaldson and Elder Edleson! Those two Elders are so
awesome! It was so great to back there though! I was able to see a lot
of  familiar faces! President and sister Hinds are always great to
We were able to find some very prepared people! We were walking
thought a park the first day that I got there and we met this kid
named Abraham who was legit! He was from Ghana (I swear all the best
people we meet are from Ghana! S/O to Elder Hannemann) and he loved
the Book of Mormon that we gave him! The next day we were walking
through the same park and we saw him with his friend Micha and when we
walked up to them he smiled and whipped out his Book of Mormon and
said: "I read!" Super excited! So we taught both of them, his friend
Micha was super interested so we had Abraham explain what the Book of
Mormon was to his friend so he explain the story of Lehi and Nephi and
what he read about! Dopest lesson ever! Im extremely excited to see
how they take to the rest of the meetings they have with the East
Orange Elders!

The second half of the week I went down to East Brunswick! (Another
past area of mine) I was with Elder Schutz and Elder Runyon who are
some of the BEST missionaries in our mission! I learned so much from
them! They are both geniuses! Elder Runyon went to a year of college
studying computer science, and Elder Schultz has a associates in
electrical engineering! I felt super uneducated with them! Hahahah but
they taught me a lot!

We had a meeting last Saturday about the "Just Serve" Initiative that
the church has created to help more involve wards and missionaries in
community service! Elder Smith from the seventy was there presiding
(the member of the seventy that visited our mission a few weeks ago)
and he bore a great testimony at the end of the meeting about service
and how we truly let our lives shine as we serve in the community.
Great meeting!

Last night we were in Elizabeth and I was with Elder Hicks visiting a
less-Active member named Robert. He is attending the catholic church
with his Mom and has had lots of doubts. He asked us a bunch of
questions about Joseph smith and wasn't sure if he was a prophet. It
ended up being a very spiritual lesson being able to share the story
of Joseph Smith in more depth and share our testimonies of the Book of
Mormon and Joseph Smith! I'm always reminded that we can and will grow
closer to God through reading the Book of Mormon more than any other

I'm so Excited for what's ahead in the coming week! It's going to full
of great experiences and going to end with Elder Christofferson at
Stake Conference!!! :) :) He is visiting Jersey and they are calling a
new Stake President for the new Liberty stake that is opening in
Newark and Jersey City! Can't wait to tell you all about it!!

Thank you for all your prayers and Love! Please Pray for the
missionaries in this mission!

Have a great and safe week! Love you all!

-Elder Fotu

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