Monday, January 12, 2015


So this week was super busy for us and this next week is about to get even more busy!!
But just a little update! we had zone conference on Wednesday which was awesome! our mission Goal for this month is 1600 lessons with members present!!! We are soooo Pumped!

It got down to about -10 degrees and we are walking so it feels like my face is about to fall off and shatter on the ground when we go outside! hahah I wear long johns and sweats under my slacks! LOL! And then after we walk a mile in the freezing cold wind and snow we get in a lesson and your face starts to sting because its all of the sudden 100 degrees in the persons house! I don't think I've ever been so cold in my Life!! hahah but we push on Praise God.

Elder Bennett and I are just so pumped for David's baptism on Sunday! we went and visited him briefly yesterday and the first thing he said to us was "I think me getting baptized will open doors for me like getting a job!" (he's been trying to get a job for a while now). And we told him that we know that the lord will bless him for having the faith to get baptized. So he's even more exited!

I'm on exchange right now with one of the Zone Leaders Elder Wood! Elder Bennett and our other Zone Leader are on their departing Statue of Liberty Trip so Elder Wood and I are just chillin being trunky while our companions are having fun in New York! hahah joke I'm not Trunky! But Elder Bennett keeps reminding me that the mission flies by so I shouldn't waist any time! Always staying busy round herrr!! Its kinda scary though how fast rime is going by though! I hope that I can make the most of it here in Jersey. I so grateful for the opportunity to be here. I wish some of you could be out here beside me to help me figure out some of the puzzles that the Lord sends me. But I know that I have His spirit to give me Hints! Oh yeah and my companion! hahahaha

Anyways!! I better get going! Gonna have a Fun P-Day to start off another Amazing Week!!
I hope to hear from Yall Next Week! I Love you and Continue to Build your Faith!!

Until Next Week

-Elder Fotu

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